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Thursday, April 3, 2014

POST 1277; APRIL 03, 2014; PARKER, AZ

Appears that my stay in PARKER is about over.  Have been here nearly two weeks since injuring my ribs from falling onto the SR 62 roadway.  It has been over one week since my Breast Muscle was injured, complicating the rib injury.

Yesterday, the pain increased significantly, keeping me awake most of the night. 

Finally dragged myself to EMERGENCY at the Parker Hospital, where X-Rays were taken.  Outcome:

The Ribs are NOT broken.  The muscle tissue holding the ribs has been "stretched", resulting in torn muscle tissue, which the Doctor suggests is more serious than a break.

Pain Killers were proscribed to allow sleep.  Recovery of this injury has been estimated to be six months.

There is no way I will avoid walking for anything like 6 months.

Tomorrow, will drive to BOUSE, AZ., where I will resume walking...with PHOENIX, Arizona, our next major stop.

In addition to injury, my $$ budget emptied on March 20.  Have experienced an ordeal of limited sustenance ...and NO gas to drive SPIA-2.  Funds reached my Debit Card last night, allowing $$ Payment of VERIZON...yes, VERIZON, who pulled another boner in that in February, VERIZON made a unilateral change to my account in that they "deleted" my many-year in place "AUTO-PAY" provision.  By not advising me of that move, my account became overdue and was "Stopped" by VERIZON; i.e., have not had any phone or computer service the past couple days.

It has now been paid in full.  In addition, my ANDROID SUPER TELEPHONE has been deleted and substituted with a plain ole phone at half the price. 

Since a major reason for this old guy taking long walks was to determine just how much $$ is necessary, I have no problem chatting about $$ problems.  Receive $1,200.00 Social Security monthly.  Expenditures are monthly:

            $150:00     -      VERIZON - to produce the blog.
            $130.00     -      Supplemental Insurance
            $300.00     -      American Express - Aborted round trip ($6,000 remaining) to help Pastor Steve
            $150.00     -      Gasoline for SPIA-2 (3 tank fulls)
            $470.00     -      Sustenance for food, shoes, & misc)
            $ - 0 -        -      Sleeping, etc:  Tent / Back-Seat Bedroom

I have no other assets or  $$ receipts - except for random gratefully accepted on-the-road donations...for which I am truly appreciative. 

For those so inclined, each blog page has a "DONATION" button at the top.  This is certainly NOT a request...I am learning to live within my means...but...thank you if you feel my blog and walking efforts are worthy ... and if you feel I should knock it off, please be so kind as to say so.  NEWS:  For Lunch or Supper, have discovered the WHOPPER JR costs only $1.35 - providing you do not take the Cheese option...walk to McDonalds for the $1.00 Drink - with refills.  $2.35 goes a long way to sate hunger.  Also, for b'fast, a $0.50 YOGURT to soften up a $0.50 bowl of dry cereal (cut with water if necessary) lasts me all morning - up to 18 miles or so...after that need a sip of POWER DRINK to fill the empty space.

FACEBOOK e-mails me regularly that SENIORS WALKING ACROSS AMERICA is in the top 5% of their entire world-wide similar "PAGES", and asks me to invest in widening the readership base.  Not certain how this would benefit anyone - besides FACEBOOK.

Always envisioned doing a top 5% job would result in some recognition / remuneration...

Guess I come from that VERY OLD School...the one where you work for a nickle, you receive a nickle.

I have so much to learn about this new Socialistic society we have evolved...where everything is done for us by our generous Government...done for us without any requirement for effort to become a recipient.

I know...realize...I have strayed from my image.  Surprise !!!   I, too, am human...human with feelings and principals.

Nice CACTUS, Huh ? !

Soon to be budding Cactus Flowers.

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