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Monday, March 31, 2014


Two nights ago we had all of five minutes of RAIN falling a staccato on the roof of SPIA-2...and, yes,you guessed it...flies and no-see-ums have hatched by the millions.

For night-time ventilation, have left all windows open a bit...have also added window screen to keep out the bugs...well almost keep out the bugs.  Have found no adhesive which adheres to the plastic screen...and adhesive which does not turn to liquid in the intense radiated heat under the Arizona Sun.

And, it is time to walk with the mouth closed...

SR 62, upon reaching PARKER, stays on the West side of the COLORADO RIVER.  From PARKER, it is 17 miles up-river to PARKER DAM...and another 21 miles to LAKE HAVASU CITY.  Tomorrow morning, will walk that part of SR 62.  Today, checked out the first 5 miles or so

Very few specimen of CACTUS Trees decorate downtown PARKER.


A big jump in $$ for non-ethanol gasoline.   It has become well known that ETHANOL is DEATH on engines, fuel tanks and other metals which it comes into contact.  Beyond me why it is still being pushed as an alternate fuel, knowing very well it destroys vehicles.

Especially with the MEGA-finds of Petroleum within the USA, it can benefit only farmers who raise the CORN - from which much of the Ethanol is converted, and the BIG OIL COMPANIES, which are being GIFTED a near free source for 10% of their finished product...

...this is what I discover...this is what I share...

A down stream look at the CANAL of water taken from the COLORADO RIVER at Parker, Arizona.

A 4-lane bridge addition is nearing completion over the COLORADO RIVER.  Increased traffic certainly seems to justify the additional lanes.


Beginning SR 62 continuation from PARKER to PARKER DAM, 17 miles distant...and LAKE HAVASU CITY, 21 miles beyond that.

PARKER City Park, three city blocks from WALMART and Supermarket SAFEWAY.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow, plan to walk further out old SR 62 to visit some of the many "resorts" listed on the previous roadside sign.

My Ribs and Chest Muscle Pulls are quickly healing.  Of course, I am walking a few miles each day, not giving any uric acids time to collect to slow down the healing process.

Yesterday, I broke into my reserve store of Canned Veggies and fruits.  PROGRESSO MINESTRONE is not bad eaten COLD.

My "Reserve" is intended for emergency designed to sustain a couple folks up to one month.  Water is included, but only 5 gallons.

On short $$ months, the reserve is also appreciated.

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