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Saturday, March 8, 2014


The dinner last evening in Westley was something to behold:

Ministroni Soup
House Salad
Dinner Rolls
Mixed Veggies
Baked Patato
5 GROSS Pork Ribs BBQ
4 slices New York Roast BBQ
1 Chicken Breast BBQ

In no way could 4 of me eat such an offering.  I am afraid I insulted the chef.  It was delicious, but 3/4 of it I had to leave.

 Crop Dusters were busy most of the day flying from a small airfield in Westley.

Most of this farming area is in Nut Trees.

Came across this Cement Plant which seems to recycle old concrete into new cement creations

OLD Concrete being recycled.

Farm Home along SR 33.

Another look at the watering system.  I was assured that many of San Joaquin Farmers are installing such computer controlled systems...automatic to the point that underground metering devices read soil moisture content and mineral consistency to select proper matrix mix to feed each and every tree in the orchard.

Scarcity of water is becoming a major problem !!!

Some orchards are cropped short and flat on top; others are let to grow naturally - as above.

Local small water holding pond.

Cleaning up the water ditch berm getting ready to begin :flood" watering.

Some lucky farmer is receiving a new tractor and Pump System.

A Water District Representative visiting JOHN DEERE confirmed to me that farm water wells are normally 250 to 450 feet deep, with some now reaching 700 feet deep to reach the water vein running into the valley from the SIERRA NEVADA (CASCADE) Mountains some 100 miles to the East.

Also confirmed was the fact that SALT WATER is being brought to the surface under some circumstances;...some places he knew the salt was leaching in from the Pacific Ocean...but other places where salt was in the mix he did not have an answer for.

A recently tilled field, ready for planting.

For the first time, began using Sun Cream and ZINC OXIDE to combat Sun Burn...

We have reached the southern climes.

The town of NEWMAN, where I plan to spend the night. 

Covered only 16 miles today.  Am a bit slow, but feel good.  Am taking it slow and easy after all the hospital and Rest days off.
Interviewed by Dean Harris, Managing Editor of Mattos Newspapers, Inc. this afternoon.

Tomorrow, more Southing on SR 33.

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