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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Had a mission check out the Indian CASINO on the shore of the COLORADO RIVER; and. to walk to the PARKER DAM.

Success at the CASINO, but SHATTERED all previous "facts" about PARKER DAM.

Not a stone throw directly behind the WALMART Building - where SPIA-2 has been over nighting -



WALMART...The CASINO...and, HEADGATE DAM form a neat triangle fitting in a plot of desert sand and the Colorado River about 1/2 mile on the side.

I asked no less than a dozen "locals"...not a single one knew there was a second dam (HEADGATE DAM) the location of the dam (a two minute drive from mid-town), and only one knew it was the source of Colorado River waters to fill a rather large Canal delivering water to ranches and farms located to the South West of PARKER.
Kinda like New Yorkers never seeing / visiting the Empire State Building; or, Seattleites having no idea that  THE SMITH TOWER...was, for nearly a half century, the TALLEST BUILDING WEST OF CHICAGO.

Back to the CASINO...

Lots of COLOR to greet visitors.

View from the elegant waterfront facing HOTEL ,,,an integral part of the milti-features of the CASINO

...including a well located and appointed RV Park...


...a Gaming Center

...a CINIMA Center showing the latest releases

...and yes, the entire building is set to take off...the guest rooms distinctly leaning back against the rest of the massive building

...each river front guest room looking down on the ultra-modern harbor...complete with small boat berths, launch ramp, and a park-like island for strolling and simply enjoying being on a river island with ultra-beauty on every hand.

Centered between East and West Guest Room Tower is this lofty space housing the swimming pool...

...a milti-level series of pools, connected by water slides, fountains, and designer architecture to enlighten any bather's mood.

River bank is lined with thick BAMBOO Groves...hidden trails leading to more hidden alcoves of privacy.

Time, like the Lake waters of the COLORADO RIVER before the CASINO seems to stand still.

...and, following a shore side bamboo trail no more than 100 yards from the marina, lies the mystery Dam.

Returning to WALMART, I again ask how one finds his way to the second dam.   Finally, one young WALMART employee was proud to direct me to a desert trail leading from behind WALMART, a 15 minute walk to the HEADGATE ROCK DAM...yes, he even knew the name of the dam.

...and so, I looked for the trail.  Instead found a paved well-traveled "work-road" leading past a fenced Electrical Sub-Station...a positive sign I am on the right trail (road?).

...Another 1/8 mile on the still paved road, came to:

...The above locked gate and BUREAU OF RECLAMATION sign.

I followed the dirt roadway inches from signs promising ugly death if touched...HIGH VOLTAGE

I climbed a 6-foot high BERM (hill)...

...There, not 5 feet from my shoes was a SHEER VERTICAL CLIFF...

...300 feet directly below lay the mystery Dam...


Also Down There, flowed the Irrigation Canal, diverting a good deal of the entire volume of the waters of the Colorado River.

I was delighted and shocked. 

A major Dam located essentially in the center of the city of PARKER, Arizona...of which residents admit only by rumor was even there...a 300 foot vertical UNPROTECTED DROP with not even a small curb to let folks know...;not the tiniest sign, warning

..."Hey, Folks...two more steps forward and your are swimming...if not DEAD from a broken neck from the fall."

* * * * * * * * * *

Walking to McDonalds to create this Blog Update, I AGAIN injured myself.

Of all things, I pushed open the hydraulic assisted door, only to have a customer on the other side - leaving the store -pull HARD on his side of the door.

Not paying attention...not being ready for any kind of force, my right arm - yep, same side - was jerked forward.  The lateral chest / breast muscle has been over stretched...the same type injury as a Shin Splint of the Leg/Foot.  Normally a 4 - 6 week Repair Time...and yes, the ribs still hurt in a mean way...actually hurts like the devil when I cough...which is much too often...the Sinus still flows with a vengence.

Have until Thursday morning before continuing our walk from BOUSE.  Still about 175 miles to PHOENIX, Arizona, where a Niece or Nephew might take me in for a day or two.

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