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Monday, March 24, 2014


Sometimes events occur as planned...sometimes not  !!!

The past 48 hours are with significant surprises.

Please say HELLO to JOHN.  As John would have it, holding down HIS corner booth of 29 PALMS BURGER KING...BIG BAD JOHN. 

JOHN kept me company the two evenings I spent creating our Blog Updates.

John is a self declared expert on the location of CASH REFUNDable cans and bottles in the MOJAVE Desert.

The Community Symbol of 29 PALMS.

Many square miles of the MOJAVE Desert are home to abandoned "homes' such as above.  Each one must have a colorfull story to tell.

5 miles east of 29 PALMS is the airport.  As I walked past, this Baby CUB landed.  Took up chatting with the pilot as he prepared to refuel his airplane, discovering that it is a near copy of the 1945 STINSON - 65 hp engine - in which I first SOLOED after 45 minutes ground AND flight instruction by my neighbor and KENNEWICK Airport Owner...HERB HENNY.  I was offered my PRIVATE LICENSE for $300.00. 

Even though I worked since 1940 - when I was 5 years old - I worked for a salary, investing ALL my earnings in US WAR BONDS (Each bond cost $17.95, which matured in 5 years at the cash-in value of $25.00).  By 12 years old I had a box full of bonds...but, alas, when I needed them, discovered my Father had cashed them ALL - neither asking me nor informing me that he took my money to purchase his Company...TRI-CITY-FREIGHT-LINES.

No, I never got my private license - even tho I had many hours aloft...and was a very good pilot.
Oh yes ...after 4 years Dad lost his Company because complete loss of two truck /trailers - complete with full loads -  in accidents neither of which was his fault...because he failed to insure the rigs / trips.

Oh well...that was only the first of many times I was divested of my assets by careless actions by others.

Desert Sand is nearly as viscous as water...will not take even the slightest load.  Nearly got SPIA-2 stuck in this little sand pile.

The MOJAVE Desert is quickly filling up with Private Residences.

SR 62, which I walked the past two days, has been newle paved.  The job, however was improperly done as the edge of the new pavement was left with a 2 - 3 inch WALL on top of the old asphalgt.This error led to my near death yesterday !!!

Another deserted desert dwelling.

The sand Berm along the newly laid pavement is of NO security as it is so soft, a vehicle being unattentive, will be dragged off the roadway into the sand banks lining the entire 100 or so miles of SR 62.

On a section of newly paved just like that above is where bI nearly lost my life yesterday.I was feeling exceptionally good yesterday as I walked out of 29 PALMS.

A line of vehicles - I walk FACING oncoming traffic -, passed me.  As the last car swished past, I glanced at left foot mis-stepping, tripping me onto the 8-foot wide traffic lane...flat on my face.

To avoid cutting up my face, I twisted as I fell...arms out stretched...landing on the ribs below my right breast nipple.

Camera, notebook fountain pen. business cards went flying from my pockets, my head striking the macadam next to the center line.  Right arm and hand, together with the fingers of my left hand were twisted back, spraining both wrists.

A pickup truck coming from the opposite direction whizzed past me lying on the pavement,,,trying to gather all the scattered stuff...making no effort to miss me...or even slow down.

Did not notice the rib pain for over an hour.

The accident happened as I was still 5 miles from SPIA, to complete my 40th mile...yes 40 miles.  Drove another 10 miles, parked and walked another two miles when the rib pain hit.  Turned back to SPIA and drove the final 10 miles to my intended over night spot at the intersection of SR 62 and SR 177.

Did spend the night is considerable discomfort, leaving until morning to decide what to do next.

Before daylight, I CAREFULLY got out of bed, dressed in the dark...and as the Sun rose in the East, was walking once again. 

Fortified with UBERPROFIN, I walked 9 miles OUT ans another 9 miles back to SPIA.

I knew I was in trouile.  From possible broken (not compound, thank goodness)...but at least severly bruised if not cracked.  Breathing is difficult...coughing is not nice.

Immediately drove to the next "Water Hole", where I had decided to spend the night.

Sun Down at SR 62 - 177 overnight.

Sun Rise from the same spot...determined to discover how badly the old body was injured.

Walked toward PARKER.

Returned 18 miles later with my answer.   O U C H ! !

...but enjoyed the walk just the same.

This biker for 14 years was on his way to 29 PALMS.

Please say HELLO to CHRISTINA....71 years with her German Shepard in their Pick Up truck.
I rigged that umbrella.  I shared with her my iced sandwich and oranges...and came to her defense when the abusive "Owner" (?) of the Convenience Store (Will not divulge where) ordered her off HIS property which he claimed all the way to the edge of SR 62 pavement.

I interfered...he cut loose at me with four letter words...I suggested he was wrong in his "ownership" claim...and that we call 911 and let the POLICE settle the issue.
With that he stepped close to me...face in mine, blowing smoke at me from his cigarette stub...suggesting I "Clear OUT" immediately or he and I would have personal issues to resolve.

Discretion...and a already painfull body at  least 40 years older than his, I said good bye to Christine, got into SPIA, and drove the final 17 miles in Californis, crossing the COLORADO RIVER into the rapidly growing small city of PARKER, ARIZONA.

This update once again in friendly BURGER KING.  Plan to stay the night at WALMART a bit down main street.

Because of needing a prudent few days of healing...not to mention our depleated  KITTY, plan to remain in PARKER at least ONE WEEK !

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