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Friday, March 28, 2014


Looks as though I will call PARKER, Arizona "home" for the next 5 days.
Today took a 16 mile stroll South on US 95 (SR 72) toward YUMA, Arizona.

Except for a tremendous increase in the quantity of traffic, there is not much change to the MOHAVE Desert.

I did "trip" two more times, but did not fall.  Danger level is extremely high.  Three times vehicles coming from behind me passed other vehicles.  Walking close to the White line puts my right arm only inches from the "passing" car...surprise in that I cannot SEE or HEAR the passing car approaching.

A rear view mirror - like bicycle riders use - would be a good safety measure. 

The berm edge is very jagged - lots to "trip" on.

Should I trip into passing traffic, I'm D E A D!!

The black stones look altogether like VOLCANIC stones arranged in a "cone-shaped" pile.

Very curious as they are the only stones of any type I have seen around here.

This big snake is a monofilament woven 'Tube" stuffed with grass or wheat stalks.

With "wooden stakes" holding the tube securely to the ground, it prohibits Run-off water from draining onto adjacent lands.  Nearly all road construction sites now use these grass filled tubes to keep contaminated construction waters from reaching adjacent pasture lands..

Volume of traffic is increasing every day.

It is VERY dangerous walking out here !

* * * * * * * * * *

WEATHER report;  daytime highs;  LOW 80s; night time lows;  45 - 50 F; Winds:  light & breezy

Have today worn out the second pair of walking shoes.  Have a pair of winter BOOTS, but now have only a single pair of shoes.  Must purchase two more pair as I have routinely alternated all three pair on a 4-day cycle.

Plan to continue local walks through next Tuesday...then resume South from BOUSE on SR 72.


Anonymous said...

just got home from Yuma wed.

Anonymous said...

I fell while helping a friend square a house my right knee has no mussile
I got to give up surveying
I fall down I cannot get up
I have to pull myself up Dallas of wv

Rodney Hess said...

Motorists have no respect for walkers or motorcycles. Everyone is in such a darn hurry all the time, and all they think about is themselves.

Be safe, and be very alert to all those disrespectful drivers on today's roads. They will not give you one spare inch, and no one slows down.