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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Did not sleep well last night.  Disturbed by a most erotic dream...tore the car apart, but no dice; took down the night-time window behold the rising Sun in all her majesty.

Awesome cloud patterns this morning.  Good thing too, as I put in some 6 hours by 1:00 pm, achieving some 27 miles.


Stopped at JOE'S Restaurant for a pancake and coffee...and a nice chat with Owner, Joe, and his employee, KELSEY.

Please say HELLO to KELSEY...all of 18...and a lifetime resident of LUCERNE VALLEY.

Looking East on SR 18, which takes us to YUCCA VALLEY.

Outside Art decorating the parking lot of a local church.

Selected images of my early morning walk follow below...

My afternoon walk was only 2 hours (8 miles)...

Please say HELLO to JOSEPH and RICHARD...doing survey work along SR 18.

Water divirsion works to control FLASH FLOODS which are common when it rains hard for even a few minutes.  Flood waters crossing the highway can - and does - push vehicles clear off the roadway.

FLASH FLOOD channel cut into the desert floor.

Had a shoe incident today.  My left foot suddenly began to develop a blister...a rare thing.

Taking off the shoe after only 10 or so steps in pain, proved that the SOLE of my left shoe had separated from the upper, letting in some sand, which caused the blister to start.

Was nearly back to the vehicle, so accepted a ride with KEVIN (thank you, Kevin).

The shoe is a colplete loss...only the 5th such loss after more than 21,000 miles walking. 

Typically, get 1,000 miles before putting on new Heel or Sole.  That gains another 500 or so miles...for about 1,500 miles per shoe.

Will stay the night at the Convenience Store in the village of FLAMINGO HEIGHTS...some 10 miles from the town of YUCCA VALLEY, our destination for tomorrow.  First, tho, must walk BACK to regain the missing 17 miles from today's drive.  It was 45 miles that we had to cover between LUCERNE and YUCCA Valleys. \

OH, yes,...VERIZON is once again - since OCTOBER 2013, harassing me for HUNDREDS of $$ they originally claimed I owed them...only to advise in early February that it was their own doing...and that all has been put to rights.  Yesterday, another Poison-Pen e-mail - THREATS AND ALL - again claiming I owe (past due) something like $400,00.

I immediately phoned their "866" phone number...only to be put on hold for one hour, during which my cell battery ran dead. In desperation telephoned a personal VERIZON contact, pleading for help !

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