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Friday, March 21, 2014


Wonder if most sunrises will be like this !

Set out back toward LUCERNE VALLEY just as the sun rose out of the mountains to the East.  Had 18 miles remaining to complete our walk between LUCERNE and YUCCA VALLEYs.

Made an 8-mile walk back North West...then returning to SPIA-2, kept on walking ...rreaching the City Limits of YUCCA VALLEY before returning to fetch the car.

Then drove to YUCCA...not stopping, drove 20 miles to the town of 29 PALMS, where We have discovered BURGER KING, where this blog uodate is nearing completion.

Plan to ovrtnight in the BK parking lot; the morning, complete the 20 driven miles. 

Will spend a second night in 29 PALMS to properly provision the vehicle for the next "leg"...130 miles without a stop of any kind.  So, will be on the road for the next 5 - 6 days / nights before reaching the town of PARKER, ARIZONA, where supplies can be found.  It was for this leg that we have brought along SPIA-2.

This may mean NO blog for this leg...we shall see.

where we stayed last night.

Was not surprised to find this SENIOR GROUP assembled in the restaurant of the Convenience Store.  Such a group has assembled between 6:00 and 9:00 am all across every Fast Food and Deli in every town...and in most discuss every imaginable subject.

SENIOR CITIZENS have not gone away...they can be found - fully informed of every aspect of America ..AND the world - meeting daily in the nearest Coffee Shop.

Many homes apparently are for "seasonal" use, as nearly gated home is shuttered...and each gate padlocked.

This valley is prone to flash floods.  The roadway hills are 8 to 10 % steep.  I overextended my right knee top-rear Tendon  walking DOWN the above hill.  It should heal in the next 48 hours.

A piece of automotive old Rear Suspension Spring.


A plant NURSERY...specializing in CACTUS Plants.

Each Cactus SPINE is needle-sharp.

Finally:  a photograph showing the steepness of a 10 % hill.

A 18-wheeler "END DUMP" Rig, hauling sand and gravel.

Please say HELLO to JASON...stopped to eat his lunch.

A NEW MACK "TRACTOR" hauling dry cement.

Please say HELLO to BRIAN.  Brian asked if ever came this way before.  Of course, I did two years ago.

BRIAN said he remembers seeing me last time.

Arriving in 29 PALMS, I stopped at this BOOK STORE, owned by PATTY O'Toole...(of course, forgot to take Patty's picture...

We visited nearly an hour discussing books, health, and walking.  Patty is helping me find a TIME-LIFE Book I have been looking for since Oregon.

Must walk BACK toward YUCCA VALLEY tomorrow morning, so will hope Patty is we can get her pic.

I am not the only crazy walking ...


Germany Hutchinson said...

Hi from debbie and germany at burger king in 29 palms

Germany Hutchinson said...

Hi from debbie and germany at burger king in 29 palms