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Thursday, March 27, 2014


 NEVER...are we too old to learn !!!

Again, in the process of learning...I MUST leave room for variance for "what seems to be".

Without going into detail, let us say my involvement in an apparent miss-deed by others, brought to my attention that ..."...all do not speaketh the truth...". , and decisions are best delayed until "truth" is fully divulged.

In this instance, being disappointed at being "USED", I decided - wrongfully - to leave PARKER for the next out-West dusty watering hole, BOUSE, Arizona,where I again mistakenly anticipated a warm welcome....

Growing are many MOJAVE Desert towns, PARKER is ultra modern, massive boulevards, nestled between the COLORADO RIVER and lands of an INDIAN RESERVATION.   In fact, the city proper (the developed part) extends into Reservation Lands.  Actual "City Limits" are to be found many miles into the MOJAVE Desert...for future development ???

We are beginning to see different varieties of CACTUS...The above variety being, I believe, a BARREL CACTUS.

Tourist season has begun in the MOJAVE Dessert.  RV Parks abound ... even in unlikely places, such out in the middle of "nowhere".

A small, but well appiinted City Park in PARKER, Arizona.

Have discovered another feature of my blog software...I have SOME control of size of images...and can therefore enhance desired pics for better viewing.

SPIA-2 is parked at the AMERICAN LEGION last night.  Today a bit after noon, the Commander asked me to move on as I could not produce a membership Card.  Actually, I AM a member of the VFW - Veterans Of Foreign Wars...- of KEY WEST, Florida...but being always on the move with no "Home Base", I have no VFW Membership Card either.  Next week that will change, as I hope to utilize many VFW Posts across America...and a Membership Card is demanded for gaining entrance to the "PRIVATE" Club.

There has been an absence of DOVEs...the most prolific bird I have found across America.

Early this morning, SPIA-2 was surrounded by dozens of Doves and Desert QUAIL.

American Legion of BOUSE, Arizona.  The basic difference between VFW and AL (American Legion) is that VFW requires active military service in a Foreign Country...whereas AL dopes not...USA service qualifies Vets for AL membership.

In addition to being a :service organization (Private Club), a note of humor is sometime discovered...sometimes humorous is essential.

The above image is often found in "Cattle Country" where cattle are allowed to roam free...i.e., no fences to limit their roaming.

To keep cattle from entering roadways, the Cattle Guard (pictured above) us used.  Cattle are smart enough to realize if they try to cross those closely spaced rails, their feet get caught.

Waterway of a FLASH FLOOD area.  Water many feet deep may be rushing across highways in the Desert..with absolutely clear skies in all directions.  Flash Floods often originate MANY MILES away...sometimes 100 or so miles deep in distant mountains...unseen until reaching the roadway in front of your car...which can and often does sweep vehicles off the roadway and deep into the downstream Desert.

A FLASH FLOOD Waterway flowing under Railroad Track...about to flood the Desert roadway.

The next Watering Hole after BOUSE is 90 miles across more MOJAVE Desert.

Railroad Track Guard...often seen all over America, insuring rail safety for trains...

This train appeared within one hour of the Track Guard Vehicle passing me by during my 20-mile walk at daybreak from BOUSE.  My damaged ribs hurt like stink, requiring a IBUPROFEN pill to allow me to walk at all.

I did walk OK...and upon returning to the American Legion, intended to walk for another 10 - 15 miles  south on  SR 72, until I was told to Move On...   being summarily Kicked Out.

I enjoy the "shrouded" distant mountains...found all aver America.

 * * * * * * * * * *

Given little option, I have returned to the City of PARKER, Arizona...where, unless the unknown once again raises it's Unpredictable Head to nudge me to a new discovery.

...and to keep my nose from issues not my concern !!!

Next Tuesday, Social Security $$ arrive.  Until then, plan to keep a low profile...learn and share.

I have a reserve of fresh food in my ICE CHEST.  PARKER offers adequate ice - for which I have a $$ reserve to last 'til APRIL 03...PAY DAY !!!

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