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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Arrived in LUCERNE VALLEY at 3:00 pm under clear skies but comfy 67 F temperature.  Was directed to the local modern as any..., but the only building of current vintage to be seen.  Fully expected to see Hitching Posts out front the few shops lining main street.

Completed two walks - each of 12 miles - today.

I am a bit tired this evening.

Up with the Sun, drove the 30 miles to the growing town of ANDELANTO.  first 4-hour walk included a number of visits with new friends.

Drove another few miles...parked at WALMART - in the city of APPLE VALLEY -while taking the noon-time 12 mile stroll towards the Village of LUCERNE VALLY, some 15 miles distant.  In the morning, will do the missing 5 miles.

THEN, comes 45 miles of empty desert adjacent to the Marine Corps Testing Range, to the town of YUCCA VALLEY.  We may not have  computer signal...but if so, SPIA-2 has electricity to run the computer...We shall see.


ADELANTO is partly snugged in a narrow ravine...through which runs the Railroad.

Please say HELLO to the GILL family members (l. - r.)  JAY, MARJIT, and GUS...owners and operators of a fleet of 15 refer 18-wheeler rigs hauling California produce into the mid-west...returning with processed BEEF to California.

GTS Trailers of the GILL family...who, by the way, is looking for OWNER / DRIVERS


EMMA JEAN'S "ROUTE 66" Restaurant...

Before 1940, our home had a "Party" (of 8 homes) Phone like this one...'cept, we had no dial wheel.  To make a call, one listened in to the rest of the "Party", until it was our turn to flick the "Hang-Up" bracket, which rang up the switchboard Operator who put our call through...of course, our calls were "Public" to our neighbors, too.

Inside EMMA JEAN'S Packed Restaurant.

Please say HELLO to:  GARY, LARRY, and STEVE, who struck up a conversation in the ROUTE 66 Parking Lot. 

When it rains in the Desert, FLASH FLOODS often occur.  The above Channel has been cut in the sandy soil by the rain waters rushing down the hillside.

Looking back into the town of APPLE VALLEY, a rapidly growing city between ADELANTO and LUCERNE VALLEY.

Restaurant Window Paintings.

Cactus is seen every where now that we are walking the desert.

......From a sudden rise of millions of ROCKS out of the desert comes upon...

...a Dry Lake Bed...flat as a pancake. 

...which Dry Lake Bed leads us to the old Western Town of LUCERNE VALLEY...

...a THRIFT STORE of many in the local towns...

Please say HELLO to :  JAN...owner of the Thrift Store...and wee BROOKLYNN,  who became instant friends with this old man.

It was JAN who put me on to the local Supermarket.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning I will get a before Sun Up start for YUCCA VALLEY.  Hope to make at least 25 miles before returning to LUCERNE VALLEY, where we may stay a second night...while visiting some of the folks and their local businesses.

It was suggested by JAN that I drive the 30 miles to GREAT BEAR LAKE...a favorite vacation place of LOS ANGELES folks.  As it is at 7,000 feet altitude...and poor SPIA is also getting OLD - with 264,000 miles on her tired motor, best not ask her to make such a trip...we two have some 9,500 miles yet to go on this WALK and ROLL

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