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Monday, March 17, 2014


Once again, I have combined Yesterday afternoon / evening together with this morning's walk.  It has gained us a walk from TAHACHAPI...up and over the highest SIERRA NEVADA Hills in these parts, including a climb through thousands of WIND MILLS generating electricity.  I first saw these Wind Mills back in the 1960s...and have now completed two WALKS through them.  The walk this morning was especially exciting in that at least three generations of machines still lined the hills for miles in all directions...and the wind was blowing OVER 75 miles per hour, making it difficult to walk back DOWN to fetch SPIA-2.

As promised, please say HELLO to (l. - r.): TREVOR, NIKKI, TYLER, and TRAVIS, all of whom I met while completing yesterday's blog in McDonalds oin TEHACHAPI.

The boys are Brothers.

OK, OK...Please say another HELLO to NIKKI (NICOLETTE)...from whom I received a huge HUG.

TEHACHAPI Residential / Commercial district.

Walking West through the TEHACHAPI Valley.

Looking North to the Old Highway, which entered the TEHACHAPI Valley over the distant depression in the ridge line.

Final walk of yesterday brought me to the Eastern end of the valley...looking up at the ridge line beyond which lies the town and Space Port of MOJAVE.

The LOVE'S Truck Stop also lies at the Eastern end of the valley.  I opted to spend the night in their parking lot...a certain and welcome end - of - the - day destination the nation over.

This entire hill is being mined.

I asked the attendant the cost to take a shower (Showers always provided for overnight Truck Drivers)...and was GIFTED the first since leaving WALNUT CREEK, some weeks ago.   Thank You ever so much ! ! !

Sunrise from LOVE'S Parking Lot this morning.  Nights have become VERY COLD, as we are at over 4,000 feet elevation.  Actually, nights on the Mojave Desert are always COLD...days up to 120 F. HOT...

This morning, I walked up and over the Wind Mill Hill, with it's thousands of Wind Mills.  The wind blew up the mountain...and held me up as I walked BACK down to SPIA-2.

Looking DOWN into the beginnings of the MOJAVE Desert.

Our first true Desert Tree...the JOSHUA TREE.

Electrical Sub Station...gathering up the electricity generated by all the Wind Machines.

Click Click to enlarge...hundreds of Wind Machines can be seen in the far distances.

Our first good look at the flatness of the MOJAVE Desert and the town of MOJAVE in the distance.

Please say HELLO to GLENDA and RICARDO...who helped me find small mesh bug screen for SPIA-2' back/side windows.

MOJAVE AIRPORT and SPACE PORT...where SPACE PLANES 1 and 2 are built.

I introduced myself to the Airport Manager's Office, only to be told that the programs on-going at the Space Port are CLASSIFIED "TOP SECRET", and not available to the public.   So, no tour...not even "for public dissemination",  a single photograph.

This an actual "Flight" rocket...on display at the Space Port entrance.

I took lunch in this room...the VOYAGER Restaurant.  As I ate my COB SALAD, many lunch goers came and went...many wearing flight wings and dressed in flight suits.  My fantasy was running wild, imagining each one to be a famous Space Ship Designer...perhaps even BURT RUTAN, the man who started it all.

I then took a long walk BACK toward TEHACHAPI, to recover the roadway I drove earlier this morning from the ridge-top into the MOJAVE Valley.

A last view of the MOJAVE Space Port...seen as I crossed the Railroad Overpass back into the town of MOJAVE .

Have discovered that DENNYS Restaurant porvides excellent computer WI-FI. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Will overnight in DENNYS Parking Lot.

In the morning, will walk out into the MOJAVE large town destination is:  VICTORVILLE, some 100 miles distant.  It is for these long distances that I opted to bring the car (SPIA-2).  Will walk, always staying within 3 hours' walk to the car...and have a comfy / safe place to spend the nights parked in the  lonely reaches of the desert.

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Melissa said...

Have fun in the desert! Listen to your body.