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Friday, March 14, 2014


Up before the Sun this morning after a quiet night in a grocery store parking lot.  Purchased a bowl of oatmeal cereal before walking at 7:00am back North on SR 43 to recover miles drove yesterday to fetch the blood samples.

By 11:00 am, walked 20 miles.  Decided to put up the Blog update at mid-day instead of waiting for day's end.  Will walk another ten miles or so this afternoon before finding another overnight spot - probably again in WASCO.

State Road (SR) 43 North.  Walked out 10 miles and returned to WASCO.

A short distance outside WASCO is a new field of OIL /and? GAS wells.  The above image is a Drill Tower for a new well.

In the mid-ground of the next image is an eternal Gas Flame, burning off excess gas.  I counted six well pumps in this field...probably many I did not see.

Again, many trains.  Three "LAND BRIDGE" trains went by, plus two automobile carrying trains.

Some folks may recall my blogs of years ago explaining the beginnings of the LAND BRIDGE back in the early 1960s.  My job back in those years was with the Crane Division of LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT in SEATTLE, Washington.  As Contracts Manager, I participated in Bidding, Negotiating, and Executing several contracts around the country for Seaport "Container Cranes", used to load and off-load  Containers from ocean going ships.

Instead of shipping Containers ... say from TOKYO to NEW YORK ... via the Suez, Panama, or around one of the "Horns", Containers are shipped to , say LOS ANGELES or SEATTLE, where they are transferred to a railroad "LAND BRIDGE" train and carried by rail to New York.

This field is being irrigated by above-ground Rotary Sprinklers.

Walked into the  field to ask CARLOS about his system...and what they were growing.

Rows of ROSE BUSH Plants used for "Cuttings" planted in the next-door field.  During the next two years, more "Cuttings" will be taken before this field of Rose Plants will be harvested.

Above pic shows 12-inch Rose "cuttings" which were PLANTED from cuttings taken from the next-door field (being Sprinkle Irrigated above).  These "Cuttings" were planted only 2 months ago !

Please say HELLO to CARLOS.  CARLOS explained that one deep-water well supplies water for two of his ROSE fields...all by above-ground Sprinkler.  CARLOS is pointing toward the deep-water well and it's Reservoir, from which the Sprinkled water is pumped into the two Rose Plant fields it serves.

In two years, the Rose plants will reach five feet high, at which time they will be harvested / sold to Rose Garden Business across the country.

Yes, lots of trains again today...this one is carrying automobiles.

Looking carefully, one can see a deep-water well pumping water into the concrete cistern in the foreground.

Railroad bridge.

LAND BRIDGE Train returning empty rail cars to ???

Deep Water Well Pump...and it's associated reservoir... from which water is fed into the fields.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Is now 1:15 pm.  Will take another stroll on SR 43 toward BAKERSFIELD. 


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