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Friday, July 23, 2010







This afternoon, walked right up to the Wyoming State Line BUT DID NOT CROSS. I save the crossing for tomorrow morning. Took 17 days to walk from Vale, Oregon to the Wyoming Border.

Rather interesting day, actually. Spent the night in another motel in MONTPELIER, Idaho. At daybreak this morning, walked 5 blocks to US 30 where no one slowed to my request for a ride. So, I walked. As I was leaving the city limits, a 18-wheeler was pulled over. I asked the driver for a ride, showing him my hand lettered sign (on a manila file folder) "Walking Across USA".

Where you going

Key West

Your headed in the wrong direction

Yes, but I need a ride to Georgetown...then I walk back here to Montpelier

Oh...just a sec. (takes fully 2 minutes throwing stuff over his shoulder from the passenger seat into the "sleeper" behind the cab....OK, hop in

Hi...I'm Bruce Maynard

I'm _____ (lets call him Jose')

I used to drive these rigs when I was 12...back in 1947 - 1952. Great to be in one again.
(Marks on the windshield came during WWII, years before...see prior Blog)

I coming out of Laredo (Texas) heading for Portland (Oregon). Had to fill out my drivers log for DOT. If I drive more than 11 hours in 24, I get fined.

Nice rig

Too small for me

A Cummins or Buda

Nope small for this load.

Jose' let me out in mid Georgetown...Bye---Have a safe trip.

1/2 mile out of Georgetown...SHOOOOSH over my left shoulder. I felt the wind before I heard a SCREEEEECH as a really big Falcon pulled out of his surprise dive from behind me...he wheeled right and came at me again from starboard (my right side), zooming 10 feet over my head, screeching all the way.

Pulled my camera ready for his third attack...he fluttered 50 feet in front of me, wheeled and lifted himself onto a telephone pole not 100 feet from me...staring staring staring. I walked over to his pole, pointed the camera & he flitted over to the next pole.

I stood there talking to him for a minute or so...took some pics...he just stared back.

I turned and walked on to Montpelier. Ed. note: Falcon pics did not come out.

As the mountains get larger, they become more beautiful and foreboding....I gotta climb those guys soon. A large valley run between mountains off to my right. The Bear River runs down the West side of the valley. This was the main route for the early Oregon Trail Pioneers, leading them to Soda springs and soda springs bubbling up in the river and along the banks.
In the distance I can hear and see another "Land Bridge" train. I wave, but too far away.

Since starting this walk, I have seen many deer remains. Never, though, have I seen what lay on both sides of the steep 6,350 ft or so Georgetown Hill about half way to Montpelier. Deer remains littered the at least every 100 feet - and I only saw one side of the highway. I have hit and killed two deer - one in Wyoming and one outside Salt Lake City...and I have been nearly hit on US 20 outside Burns, Oregon (see prior Blog)...I know from both sides the horror and helplessness driver and deer know just before lights out - forever.

Returning to my motel, Marti, an employee, offered to drive out to pick me up after I walk US 30 to Borders. She did meet me on the appointed dot and drove me back to Montpelier. I then drove on to Borders, parked the Van and walked back up the 4 mile hill overlooking the Idaho / Wyoming Border. Walking back I encountered a Blue Heron. He was 20 feet from me. I took out the camera and snapped a bunch of pics as we two walked together 20 feet apart along US 30.

I them drove the 11 miles to the small town of Cokeville, Wyoming. Two motels and not a room to be had. I chatted with Angie & Hubby about my walk. She volunteered her "Beauty Salon" FLOOR...provided I had an air mattress and sleeping bag. I took it. She refused payment. She also allowed me to use this, her computer (as Verizon has NO service in Western Wyoming). to write my Blog. All pics, however, must wait until Verizon resumes service.

Tomorrow is Pioneer Days in Coakville with parades starting at 10 am...about the time I will return from the Wyoming Border. I will hitch a ride (I hope) and walk back. Later in the day, I will hitch a ride towards Kemmerer, some 42 miles away. Will try 20 miles or so and walk back to Coakville.

Then, I plan to drive tomorrow evening to Kemmerer for the night and hitch n' walk the Kemmerer side of the 42 miles...still walking straight and honest.

For now...nite all

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