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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Virgin Territory

Since my first drive across America in 1952, I have lost count. Most certainly, I have driven across in all directions, using nearly every major and many secondary roads. One road I have NOT driven is Hells Canyon...been by it many times, but when SAM & ME enter Hells Canyon a few days from now, it will be Virgin Territory.

Often wondered what "virgin" would be we will know.

SAM & ME are returning to Brian's tomorrow. Tuesday at or before daybreak, we will walk the 22 miles to Vale, Oregon. In the afternoon/evening, we will set out for Adrian on our way into the Snake River Canyon Country...Virgin Territory.

Leaving Bellingham this time is bittersweet. I won't go into details...suffice to say that our return has not been pleasant. I look forward to joining once again the real World we live in.

We return to our walk with diligence, desire, dedication. and determination...

SAM & ME will walk like none before you will enjoy...

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