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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sadly departed Ed, Betty & Lee around 10 am. Drove to Murphy, parked behind the beautiful County COURT house. Was 11am when I began the first of today's 2 walk sessions. The sky was spreading high Cirris clouds overhead with serious looking CUMULUS over the mountains to the South West.

Walked 12 miles to yesterday's drop dead spot. Upon return to store, a County Court House, and perhaps a dozen homes...set 30 miles in the center of Desert...sage brush & sand. They do have a very busy air strip...planes sometimes land on the highway (Idaho 78) so they can get gas from the General Store built and run by Ken & Tod since 1991. when I peered thru their window, Tod unlocked the 'CLOSED' Door.

What followed can only be described as way beyond the call of duty (Tod was a Marine for many years and has no fear...he shoooed away military BLACKHAWK helicopters practicing landings on the airstrip only a few feet from their storefront raising a storm of bitting sand & dust inundating their very beautiful/modern Restaurant), I was treated to dinner & all I could drink from their cold beverage display, on the a hot shower and talk to midnight...when I finally fell into my sleeping bag in the Van...was up at 5 am & will drive to Grand View...Kenn will follow in his Pickup & drive me 20 miles back toward Murphy...

Oooops...forgot to mention...after walk session # 1, I was treated to Ice Cream & Raspberries at ED & BETTY's home (SAM got electrons), plus 3 carrots, 2 sweet onions & a Zip-lock bag of freshly made slaw...You should see Ed's garden...neat as a watering...not a weed in sight.

then, I walked 10 miles toward Grand View...a total of another 22-mile day.

So, now the Sun is up & I', off for Grand View. Kenn will follow soon (I hope)

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