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Friday, July 30, 2010



Perhaps, together with the intense heat ad recent poor diet.

In any event, left the motel only to buy some food for the next 100 mile stretch to RAWLINS, WYOMING. Caught up on sleep (NO TV) & repacked the car. Would you believe ROCK SPRINGS has no BLOCK ICE, only "Crushed Ice".

In my coolers, block ice keeps for 48 hours (if I cover it with 2 pillows). Crushed Ice lasts maybe 8 hours, Gotta be a ploy by Ice Manufacturer to keep sales UP. Also, PRINGLES box seems much smaller...don't normally eat Pringles, but need the salt when drinking so much water.

Is now 5:30 am, local. Motel offers continental B'fast @ 6 am. Will leave te Van & SAM at the motel. After a bite. will walk I-80 EAST to tje Tunnel -about 5 miles out - and walk back to gather up the Van, check out, and drive to an exit beyond the Tunnel, park, hitch (if possible) back to the tunnel & walk to the Van...then hitch to the next exit EAST & again walk back to the Van...then repeat the process until RAWLINS.

I know, it sucks. But anyone got better suggestion(s), I'm listening.

Sure hate to be caught out here without enuf water. The Van carries ample water, but walking, I can carry only enuf for 8 hours or so. Lack of water closes up my throat in an hour or two, and brings severe leg cramps - and interestingly, severe cramps in my fingers...they want to spread apart, forming a "V", and I cannot get them to come together again. That hand becomes very useless and is quite painful.

Water - at least for me - is critical. So, the Van stays close by each walk session.

OK, is now 5:45. Time to get dressed, get a bite, and return to my walk.

One other is quite difficlt to manipulate the sleeping bag in the cramped space in the Van. It keeps getting twisted & ties me in knots. So, before driving out of ROCK SPRINGS, I will visit the nearby WALL-MART & buy a small Duvet (SP ?) to use as a cover...then the sleeping bag can remain open when sleeping. Will also make it easier to get out during the night for the inevitable "Senior" piddles. Duvet can also be used as additional cooler insulation - remember, it gets HOT around here at the moment.'s time...LATER...

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Mark Boothby said...


I am the local reporter that visited you in Homedale, Idaho a few weeks ago. I'm following your blog and just wanted to wish you well in Wyoming.

You are an inspiration. I turned 34 today and sadly feel like I'd avoid a walk across town, let alone a walk across country.

I'll continue to check on you along your journey.

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

Mark Boothby