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Thursday, July 15, 2010



Yesterday's events continue.....

Sandy whispers in Tracyy's ear...& disappears. Tracy, a 20 year US Air Force "Black" team member...117A, etc...jabbers; but I don't follow, but smile and nod; finally...Sandy wants to take you home for the night...OK?... (not WE) without waiting my can follow's not far...Tracy gets up & walks out...I follow.

His pickup waits lights on sitting in the middle of US 30...I get the van rolling & he takes off. Shocked is not the word to realize I cannot see the road AT ALL..I follow his tail lights. I am totally blind. I stop at each curve to pick out the ditch or fence post looming out of the "BLACK".

Finally he the door & for the first time see that we are in his back yard...Didn't expect you to follow me clear back here.. (Heck, I was glued to his tail lights & saw nothing else).

My second catarac must be must seriously look for my companion...must NOT be caught after dark not yet stopped & set for the night...old age is Sooo fun.

Sandy prepared BBQ chicken w/ veggies...Yummm. I took my Meds, took a much needed shower, & fell into a gigantic soft bed,

Left Tracy & Sandy's at 7 am. Sandy was already gone to work. Tracy, the stay-at-home Hubby, saw me off.

I returned to The Black Bear & parked. I htiched back to Hagersman and walked all the way to Buhl...then back to the Van parked 2 miles back toward Hagersman. 20 Mile walk was uneventful, taking 5 hours. Then drOve to File, a town 7.5 miles out of Buhl. Slept in the drivers reclined seat for a couple hours in File's "Rest top"; then walked the 7,5 miles back to Buhl and return to the Van. Took 3-1/2 hours to complete the full 15 miles

15 miles is exactly the distance from Buhl to Twin Falls.

Drove to Twin Falls where I have taken another $40 room...much too hot to sleep in the Van...and soon, I will be forced to sleep EVERY night in the Van while crossing the Rockies .

I expect to reach Pocatello early next week & start the Rocky Mountain portion. In the early morning, will do a 20 mile walk...then see about my second walk for the day.

Today, completed 35 miles. I'M PICKING UP THE PACE.

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Lynne said...

Hi Bruce,
I have been following your progress since you left here in Bellingham. I wish I could help you out but that's not possible. Have you thought about contacting a RV group to help you along the way? I know many of the folks that travel in their Rv's belong to clubs. Perhaps you can find someone that way.
I envy your ability to walk like you do and hope you can get someone to help. I enjoy your blog every day and wish you the best of luck. Stay safe, look both ways before crossing the road, and hang onto that big stick!