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Friday, November 25, 2011

P0ST 516 - DAY 310 / 53: RODANTHE. OUTER BANKS, N. C.

Please say HELLO to Margaret and (Woody?).

During morning - Thanksgiving Day - policing of SR 12, Margaret stopped to chat.

Entertaining friends for the Holiday, Margaret was out for her regular walk. We chatted for many minutes about the importance of walking - and swimming - to stimulate the Lymphatic System.

I have been VERY reluctant to blog subjects I am keenly interested being the crucial importance of walking or swimming to engage muscle action, without which, the center of the Immune System cannot function properly.

Enough of that - for now !

As the Sun rose out of the Atlantic Ocean into a cloudless sky, I was already picking up left-over trash from SR 12. Most of the time was spent on hands and knees pulling lumber scraps, beer bottles and cans together with disintegrating boxes and bags from the canal-size roadside ditches.

I discovered a way to lean far out over the waters without falling in: Using a 5-foot stout 2 x 2 inch board, I pushed one end securely into the bottom or far side of the canal. Feet firmly planted on the waterline under me, 2 x 2 centered in the palm of my - thick rubber gloved - hand, I leaned into the board, forming an "A Frame" out over the water.

With my free hand, I could reach down to retrieve the trash. Giving a mighty shove on the board, I pushed my self back onto my feet. For nearly 4 hours, my gravity defying system worked, during which I scarfed up 8 - 30 gallon trash-bags of stuff.

Yes, perhaps a bit slip & I was swimming in filth.

Completed policing to the Convenience Store. Filthy from head to toe, slowly trudged back to
HAPPY CLAM, where I indulged in an hour-long soak in hot water.

Is now 4:00 am. Daylight in 3 hours. Friday Garbage pickup this morning; after which I will refill the trash cans of HAPPY CLAM and DEJA VU with Hurricane IRENE generated stuff.

Then, it is back to SR 12...still 3.5 miles of policing waiting.

Planned to drive up-island today to walk the Northern OUTER BANKS. Have decided to complete SR 12 policing first.

CNN this morning carried a news bulletin / video of a young - pretty British woman into her 7th month of a 30-month planet circumnavigation by rowboat, kayak, and bicycle.

Sara Houton's high tech adventure can be followed on her web site

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

Do you have any links you can share aboutthe immune system? I've been sick more this year than ever before, and I'm really wondering what to do to build up my immune system!!