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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The ROANOAK RIVER was the sight of many naval engagements between the Union and Confederacy.

The dominant combatant was the above Confederate IRONCLAD, CSS ALBERMALE, built in a Cornfield along the banks of the ROANOAK RIVER by a 19 year old Engineer.

Before learning about CSS ALBAMARLE, I took a last stroll around COLUMBIA, NORTH CAROLINA.

Above is another section of the COLUMBIA Village Park bordering the SCUPPERNONG RIVER.

In early afternoon, Karen drove she and I West on US 64 to the Village of PLYMOUTH, NORTH CAROLINA.

PLYMOUTH played an important part in the early days of the Civil War.

Karen did some Window Licking before driving off to Physical Therapy for her broken Knee Cap.

I joined Karen , finding a neat battery powered desk lamp to light up the HP Mini Computer in SPIA.

Water Street of PLYMOUTH.

Please say HELLO to (l. - r.):

Beryl Booth, Cathy Carter, Rita Rhodes, and Judy Mayo.

Karen and I stopped in to see what was behind Door Number One, walking in on a knitting session in the shop of Cathy Carter (standing).

Before walking out, I had four new friends and was gifted a skein of Sock Darning Yarn for my "holey" walking socks.

Beryl and I shared a pic together...later in the afternoon, I found Beryl lounging on the back deck of Wine On The ROANOAK, where I joined her for a glass of wine.

Cathy's shop, Yearning For Yarn can be reached at: 252-793-2500.

Reminder on Cathy's wall.


Please click click to enlarge.

Two of these "Rifled" Cannon armed the IRONCLAD CSS ALBEMARLE.

"Rifled" = spiral grooves machined into the inside of the gun barrel, causing the 100 pound cannon ball to spin as it flew through the air, resulting in much greater accuracy than if fired from a "Straight Bore" (non-rifled) barrel.

Replica of Confederate IRONCLAD CSS ALBERMALE at anchor in the ROANOKE RIVER near the spot she sank after being torpedoed by a Union Gunboat.

ROANOKE RIVER...CSS ALBEMARLE is anchored behind the grove of trees.

View up-river from the Gazebo.

Please say HELLO to Keith Sawyer, Proprietor of Wine On The Roanoke, serving the wine I enjoyed while chatting with Beryl.

Keith may be reached at:

Karen returned a bit early from Physical Therepy and joined Beryl and I.

Karen and I walked out to her SUV as evening settled onto Water Street. Arriving back in COLUMBIA, it was pitch dark.

This will be my last evening together with Craig, Karen, Noah, and Carson. Karen drives me back to their RODANTHE Summer Home at 10:00 am tomorrow, where SPIA waits.

I have very much enjoyed being in COLUMBIA and look forward to the next time we are together. I will miss them all.

Karen has allowed me to do some chores for them in the mean time.

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