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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Before continuing, I must emphasize that I am not a Doctor and have no special training in medicine or the body. I have, however, learned a few things during Christiane's (my wife) fight against Cancer that I am convinced are not only desirable for immunity, but absolutely critical.

Cri was diagnosed in February 1991 with Breast Cancer, having far too many lymph nodes "shut down" by cancer cells, and given only months to live. Cri died January 12, 2001, 10 years later.

For the first 5 years, I treated Cri for 5 hours a day - every day -...primarily using reflexology to stimulate the Lymphatic System. In 1995, Cri asked me to leave her and our home, which stupidly I did. She divorced me that same year. I suffered not only a heart attack but more importantly, Cri received no more muscle stimulation to ensure efficient function of her Lymphatic least, not from me.

I would refer at this point to:; and

GOOGLE: "lymphatic system", which contains numerous sub-titles, including: Understanding the Lymphatic System.

I will say three things about the Lymphatic System:

1. Of the many folks I have spoken to, nearly NO ONE even knows our bodies have such a system.

2. Whereas the Heart powers the Blood Circulatory System transporting nutrients to the body and returns "processed" fluids back into the "system", the Lymphatic System is a one-way system returning fluids from body extremities back to the Blood Circulatory System...

Lymph Vessels pass Lymph fluid through Lymph Nodes which identify, filter, and Kill Antigens - bacteria, virus, fungi, some types of Cancer cells -.

3. The Lymphatic System DOES NOT HAVE A "PUMP", and relies on muscular action to "squeeze - push" fluids through the vessels of the Lymphatic System.

i.e., The Lymphatic System cannot function properly without EXERCISE, limiting the effectiveness of this primary system which - among many other things - creates immunity controlling white blood cells, monitors and KILLS invaders to and within our bodies, and "drains" excess fluids from our body extremities.

Strictly from my "Layman's" perspective, physical exercise such as WALKING / SWIMMING, and Reflexology produce the muscle actions required to keep the Lymphatic System functioning properly. PT - Physical Therapy - does much the same...but at a bit higher $$ investment.

I trust I have stimulated some interest in the Lymphatic System...perhaps such that some might delve further. I trust, also, that I have not bent any noses by sharing my story.

I know it works for me. I know it worked for Christiane.

Many have said I look and act like a person much younger...I attribute that in large measure by listening to my body and trying to treat it with respect and consideration. My walking is key to functioning of my Immune System at a keen level.

My Lymphatic System is key to that.


Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

Very interesting!! I am going to check out the link and google this too - thank you so much for this information!!


Anonymous said...

Having "Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia" for 20 years, I know a LITTLE about THAT structure of the body and the relationship of the functions thereof. I won't comment on the theory and practice you've outlined, but I would suggest that if one is concerned about the Lymph System, one should Do an extensive research or ask your doctor. Most importantly, Do not rely on One source of thought, Articles written by so called "Health" clubs, business, "health experts" or myth.