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Sunday, November 6, 2011


During the night, the rain stopped. The Atlantic Ocean water breached the shore to fill SR 12 a bit, but it ended being a non-event...thanks to continuous effort by the big Bucket Loader working into the night.
The big Bucket Loader was busy cleaning sand from the roadway this morning as I set out.

I tried to walk North on SR 12, but the water was too deep, so I turned back South and explored the PAMLICO SOUND side...the direction from which flood waters came into RODANTHE from Hurricane IRENE.

PAMLICO SOUND side of RODANTHE. Contrary to the Atlantic Ocean side which has high sand barriers to hold back the pounding surf, the PAMLICO SOUND waterfront has NO barricades except for individual home owner efforts.

A bit of History.

and, in more detail.

RODANTHE has a Marina and a Ferry Dock (not in regular use). The above catamaran apparently sank during IRENE.

RODANTHE Ferry Dock.

When SR 12 was breached, this ferry dock was pressed into service to get folks on and off the island.

At first glance, perhaps a bit optimistic.

But then, in the Summer, I would imagine RODANTHE and the OUTER BANKS must be Enchanting.

This afternoon, the water subsided from SR 12 enough for me to try to reach the bridge some 6 miles North. Again, I did not make it. At about 5 miles out, I realized I must turn around to return to SPIA before dark.

SR 12 some 4 miles North of RODANTHE. Here, the beach barrier is overgrown with plants which tend to hold the sand in place.

On the PAMLICO SOUND side of SR 12 are vast marsh lands.

The flood waters during IRENE reached the height of the horizontal branches in the above pic.

Since last evening, the first home in line on the Atlantic Ocean side of SR 12 has leaned forward - toward the Sea - about 5 degrees.

This home and it's three neighbors are in peril of being totally undermined by the heavy surf from our North Easter Storm. I would be surprised if the first home is still standing in the morning.

In the photograph, one can easily see the tilt sea-ward.

SR 12 filled with sand brought in during last night's minor Ocean-side breaches.

The two ladies in the distance are PHYLLIS and ANNMARIE.

Please say HELLO to both as they walk away. We had a few minute chat...they both taking photographs of each other with yours truly...would you believe...I totally forgot to ask to take their photograph.

Annmarie also has a blog...perhaps she will send our photographs to me so I can post them tomorrow.

Makes me feel like such a klutz.

Yesterday, we posted a photograph of Jeremy.

This is Jeremy's home...the fifth in line of homes being undermined by the Ocean Surf. For now, it is not in immediate danger...

The rains have let up. The winds have died down a bit. In the morning, I hope to strike out again for the bridge. Also, I must search for a Propane source in the next couple days...means making some calls and driving SPIA...perhaps back to the village of HATTERAS some 40 miles to the South.

Sure could use some company...another beautiful - if stormy - place, and no one to share it with.


Ann Marie said...

Check your email Bruce! :) It was sooo wonderful meeting you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce! It was wonderful to meet you. Take care and perhaps we'll see you again!