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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Please say HELLO to the Estes Family: Carson (Auggie) Karen,Noah (missing - visiting friends), & Craig.

This is my Host family, both in RODANTHE during the past week, and this weekend in their COLUMBIA home.

Carson, in 7th Grade, plays the Drums in the School Band.

Auggie does not like me...barks and growls whenever I make any movement or say something.

Karen is a professional Chef, now retired.

Craig is also retired, superbly trained by Karen...a compliment, Craig...Craig drives around in a bright Yellow VW Bug stick shift. Craig took me shopping in it this morning.

The COLUMBIA, NORTH CAROLINA home. My room is on the second floor left corner with a view over the SCUPPERNONG River.

I hear the home is built on property once the Community Graveyard.

No, I do not sleep with one eye open...But if an Apparition should approach I would do my level best to start up a chat,

Shallow, but the SCUPPERNONG has three resident Sailboats.

COLUMBIA Community Park.

Directly across the river is a continuation of the park.

One of many CYPRESS Trees in or along the shoreline of the SCUPPERNONG River.

Highway US 94 crosses the river on the new SCUPPERNONG River Bridge.

A Walkway fronts the COLUMBIA shore along the River.

Part of the Walkway received damage from Hurricane IRENE. The Southern portion is closed while repairs / maintenance is being completed.

The entire area is part of a 100 acre + Animal Sanctuary...wetland is seen along the distant river bank...Karen says it is just a plain ole' Swamp.

Karen guided me on a private tour around MAYBERRY this morning...busted Knee and all...

Karen hobbles a bit, but being a tough Lady, the broken Knee Cap does not keep her from daily walks and intense exercises.

Inside the excellent Museum are many life size exhibits...such as the RED WOLVES above.

and Black Bears which are common year round in the Sanctuary.

A movie is shown on request depicting the many animals and birds living next door to COLUMBIA.

The Walkway goes not only along the River Shoreline.

US 94 Bridge spanning the SCUPPERNONG River.

A small natural River Inlet.

North Carolina Flag.

Karen guided me into the "Tasting Room" of VINEYARDS on the SCUPPERNONG.

Yes, I did partake and will return to purchase some MUSCADINE Wine.

This afternoon, while a scrumptious Pork Loin was roasting under the watchful eyes of Craig and Karen, I put on my walking get-up and took a 10 -mile walk West over the SCUPPERNONG Bridge...found a few lazy muscles which will receive a good message before bedding down in my 4-Poster.

Roadway surface of the bridge.

Please say HELLO to 17 year old Noah, home from visiting friends just in time to share in the Roast Pork and smile for my camera.

Noah plays the Trumpet in the School Band. and will enter College next year.

Tomorrow I will take a long walk...perhaps 20 miles or so. I am in great condition and so very pleased to share the home of Karen, Craig, Noah, and Carson...and yes Auggie, too.

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Ron said...

Hey Bruce, The Scuppernong river gave the name to a host of grapes that are in the Muscadine family. In fact, the wine that I gave you I believe is scuppernong.
Glad you have stable plans made for the winter. Great pics.