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Monday, November 21, 2011


Today, not a single photograph was taken.

Today, not a single step forward was taken.

Today, I dedicated to the OUTER BANKS.

I am a Workaholic. Given a tough assignment is akin to a double Chocolate Sundae...nose to the grindstone 'till the last bite.

Four hours, I groveled around in mosquito infested grasses reclaiming mounds of stuff deposited in the yards of HAPPY CLAM and DEJA VU...not a single mosquito bite.

Taking a break at noon - local - three trash barrels were filled awaiting pick-up in the morning. In addition, HAPPY CLAM has A L L remaining trash piled awaiting emptied trash cans, which will be topped off in the morning for Friday's pick-up.

Likewise, DEJA VU has one trash can full awaiting morning pick-up; and, three big piles awaiting empty trash cans. DEJA VU was hard hit with trash from IRENE. There is still 20 or more trash cans of stuff awaiting my gathering up...surely to take another few days...then I start in on water damaged furniture...sanding and refinishing.

Returning to SPIA for a bite, chomping on the bit, I could not just sit with so much cleanup waiting in RODANTHE, WAVE, and SALVO...not to mention the rest of the OUTER, instead of taking the planned siesta, I drove SPIA to the AVON Grocery Store where I picked up a couple boxes of three-ply 2.5 mil reinforced Trash Bags.

Returning to HAPPY CLAM, I once again donned my work duds, applied plenty of JUNGLE SPRAY, and walked out to SR 12, the main highway of the OUTER BANKS.

I have walked 1.5 years...taking from little back. I decided it was my step up to help locals recover from the mess still littering Highway SR 12.

The next two hours saw me scarfing up block after block of small trash left over after DOT removal of huge piles of "treasures" destroyed by Hurricane IRENE.

Four miles or so remain to be "Policed". I intend to keep at it until SR 12 is pristine.

Not being use to such labor, a few muscles, I treated my body to a 1-hour soak in HAPPY CLAM's bath tub, opened a bottle of GALLO SONOMA CHARDONAY wine, which I am sipping as this blog is created.

Tomorrow and the next few days will be dedicated to SR 12, HAPPY CLAM, and DEJA VU.

Feels good to be useful again.

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