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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today was a "drizzly" the Pacific Northwest, we would call today's OUTER BANKS rain "liquid sunshine".

At daybreak, the garbage collectors rumbled up and down the local streets, emptying - mostly - the trash cans. There was a stiff breeze blowing, causing loose papers in the top of the trash cans to blow away across the neighborhood as the cans were rotated by the automatic truck lifting system into the truck bin.

Much of my previous hard fought policing was destroyed in seconds...SR 12 is once again beset by papers flying about.

At daybreak, before the "collectors" arrived, I walked South on SR 12 for 3/4 mile and proceeded to police a rather wide area of litter. The heavy equipment had removed the majority of trash, but they left behind a mud filled field littered with trash...plastic, paper, metal, and distorted lumber. I spent over 2 hours putting all that "stuff" into my plastic bags or piling it neatly for easy pick-up.

It started raining rather hard, so I put on my the process, unbeknown to me, my cell phone fell out of my pocket. An hour later, walking back "home", I first noticed it was missing. I walked back to my work area(s) and scoured the mud for another half hour...alas, no cell phone.

I quickly walked back to SPIA, exchanged my "work clothes" for walking duds, and drove SPIA back to the morning work area. For the next 30 minutes, I searched in a "grid" pattern, the entire area I had worked in. At the very Southern end of my work zone, there it cell phone lying half covered in mud...having been rained upon for over an hour.

I picked it up. It was turned off. I clicked the "start" button. It booted. I blew and blew the key pad which was drenched in water. The phone booted all the way up. I selected my Sister, Carol's number...we chatted for a half hour. Cell phone is as new. Carol has a Neurologist appointment this afternoon - to check her Parkinson's news yet - is now 5:30 pm, local.

Pleased as punch to find my cell in operational condition, I stopped at DEJA VU and HAPPY CLAM, which had empty trash bins. I filled up all four bins for Friday's garbage collection, took a hot shower, and promptly napped for 3 hours.

Arising, had a bite and drove SPIA to the Food Bank in SALVO.

Pastor Steve and Betty cancelled their going away trip, so I was invited to spend the rest of the afternoon helping install accessories - curtain rods, bathroom fixtures, etc in the newly renovated living quarters. It was well after dark when I finally drove back to HAPPY CLAM.

In the morning, I will again do some SR 12 policing. At 8:30 am, I have been invited to return to the Food Bank to help set up for the offerings to the Public. It will be my first experience, so am looking forward to participating.

In the meantime, am finally using my new Kindle, which I purchased before leaving BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON on January 12. 2011. Am currently well into WAR AND PEACE, and flying through THE ANGRY HILLS by Leon Uris.

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