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Monday, November 14, 2011


The Civil War is remembered throughout the South. Monuments, like the one above, dedicated to the Confederate Soldier, can be found in the smallest of Villages.

Residents of significance are honored, many with Historical signs.

Southern homes reflect a certain pride...

Being Veterans Day Weekend, Old Glory is flown by many...Flag of the Confederacy is often not to be found...


The Village of COLUMBIA, NORTH CAROLINA lies at the far end of the SCUPPERNONG Bridge.

Near by Ranch House.

Many estate homes have gated entrances.

North Carolina State Road 94 heads North out of COLUMBIA.

I walked 14 miles along this roadway...returning "home" with very sore left ankle and Georgia injury has not yet healed...must build miles more slowly to avoid re-injuring myself.

Enjoyed an hour-long SOAK in the big bath tub...heaven !

Neatly manicured field of a recently planted Winter crop.

A clothesline of freshly hung laundry peeking from behind old growth Pine Trees.

Waited 'til morning - now 7:00 am, Monday, November 14, 2011 - to post yesterday's blog.

The Estey household are "night owls", rising well after 'Ole SOL is risen. This morning, however, Noah is up early, preparing for another day of school.

Garbage trucks are on the street below my window...beeping beeping as they back up to grab, lift, and dump garbage can contents into their fully automated on-board trash bins.

The day is starting with brilliant sunshine reaching out into a cloudless day.

Karen has errands to run today... I have been invited to ride along...introducing new places I would otherwise miss. Karen also asked if I would mind staying on one more day - until Wednesday - before returning to RODANTHE.

Yes...oh, yes.

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