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Friday, November 18, 2011


As promised, this morning drove to AVON, OUTER BANKS, NORTH CAROLINA, and parked at the Ace Hardware.

Bought a wide-tine pitch fork to clean up the yards of DEJA VU and HAPPY CLAM..then walked to BUXTON, 6 miles South on SR 12.

Leaving AVON.

Last home in AVON when travelling South.

The walk to BUXTON was uneventful, walking with the ATLANTIC OCEAN 100 meters on my left and PAMLICO SOUND 200 feet on my right.

Buxton is the location of the HATTERAS LIGHT HOUSE...the Tallest Light House in the USA.

It is another 2 miles South and East, a bit removed from the village.

As it was noon local time, stopped in at the SHIPWRECK GRILL. I was served the B E S T Bagel sandwich ever...two fried eggs, two thick slices of local cured ham, smothered in melted cheese...Yum Yum.

SR 12 as it passes through BUXTON. The HATTERAS LIGHTHOUSE is a couple miles to the right.

Bit of History

SR 12 approaching BUXTON from the North.

On my return to AVON, came across some wet-suit clad "Kite Surfers"...this is Bix, just returning from hgh speed dashes to and from Kite of the best Kite Surfing waters in the World - or so I was informed.

Please say HELLO to Bix.

Bix and I chatted for some time...he demonstrated how to change to naked and back to street clothes while on a public beach, using a "gown" expressely designed for the purpose. I stopped in at the KITTY HAWKE KITE SHOP to check the gown out, but they were sold out.

Please say HELLO to Huy...from Viet Nam, now living in LOS ANGELES.

Huy uses a board without foot holds while kiting. Huy says it takes some years to become expert enough to Kite Board with a foot-holder-less board.

The design is the flag of the State of Hawaii.

Huy took a pic of me with his board...sure is tempting to take some lessons. The KITTY HAWKE KITE SHOP in the village of WAVE - next door to RODANTHE has all the equipment and gtives lessons. It is advertised that anyone can quickly learn after only a couple lessons. A set of equipment and lessons can be purchased for a meager $2,000.00 or so.

Even so, I am VERY tempted !!!

Vic on the fly from Kite Point. Vic is the friend of Bix.

Around the corner from this point - Kite Point - is Canada named for the hundreds of Summer Canadian Wind Surfers who come to the OUTER BANKS to play.

Please say HELLO to Vic.

Vic is holding the "Control" assembly for his kite: the contraption is spring loaded with four lines leading to the NASA developed canopy.

Pull back bends both sides of the caopy which is akin to stepping on the accelator.

Pull back on the Right hand side pulls in the right side of the canopy which causes the canopy to turn right. Pull back on the Left hand side turns left.

Let the control handle spring full forward collapses the canopy and it stops pulling you.

Sounds simple enough.

The entire assembly is attached to the safety belt around Vic's waist with a quick disconnect.

Tonight is going to be another COLD night. Some folks I met this afternoon are expecting Snow this Winter...a not altogether unheard of event for the OUTER BANKS, but not common either.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will do yard clean-up.

FIRE FOX still dows not boot up, so I am using Windows...what a pain in the Tush !!!

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