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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It is now 4:20 pm in the OUTER BANKS...and it is very dark. We have a 95% Moon coming out of the Atlantic, which will lighten things up a bit. In two hours and 18 minutes, the big rock is set to whiz between the Moon and the Earth. I have binoculars, but will probably be unsatisfactory to see it. Oh, well, will certainly see NIBIRU in a few months.

Early this morning, decided to strike out with SPIA to find a Propane source and do extensive walking South near the villages of HATTERAS, FRISCO, AND BUXTON.

First stop was BUXTON, where the CAPE HATTERAS LIGHTHOUSE is located. I visited the lighthouse many years ago, but remember little of my visit. Today, I have taken a number of photographs of the lighthouse, all of which I upload for all to see.

My new Panasonic Camera is still giving me is ME that is the problem, not the camera. I took numerous more photographs today, but many were out of focus...I am not using the Shutter Button properly, especially photographing action (moving) targets.

The Light House Offices did not open as scheduled, so I have no reference material to quote.

I will with-hold most comment of what I think of any of these shots...perhaps someone will comment so I can improve my technique.

In this shot, the Sun is on the left at about 30 degrees above the horizon...on a cloudless day.

This shot is using a bit of telephoto.

Precautions to folks intending to climb to the top.

Bringing in some foreground, I failed to align the tower properly.

Ah, a bit better.

A bit of first-person recollection of life in a Lighthouse Keeper Family.

The Lighthouse houses - both mentioned in the historical treatise above.

Taken with the tower blocking a brilliant Sun...contrast turned down.

and, again.

Same spot...same Sun...contrast adjusted upward.

Nearly lying on my back...Sun still directly behind the Lighthouse.

Up close to detail the gargoyles under the top walkway.

Please, please, say HELLO to Arther (Art) Munz.

Art accompanied by a couple generations of his family chose to stop to chat with me instead of accompanying his family into the official viewing area.

Art and I are the same age - within months - and have enjoyed similar experiences since entering the service in 1952. Art and I had a rather heated and enlightening discussion of our current National and World condition(s) and our expectations for the immediate future. Art is kinda leaning toward live and let live...Me, ? I intend to outlive the current circumstances with full and healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit and be a part of the future four or five generations.

But for today, Arther and I are new-found friends.

I wish you continued good health Art, and hope we meet again.

Yes, I did find Propane and have filled SPIA to the brim...while we were at it, we also filled her gas tank.

From SR 12, this is one of a number of walkways leading over the Sand Dunes to the Atlantic Ocean Beach.

Peaceful surf...lousy camera contrast...gotta work on that.

and, now I totally forget which village this is. I rather lean toward BUXTON, NORTH CAROLINA.

Many bicyclists peddled past...all heading South, going with the wind toward the village of HATTERAS.

Arriving back at DEJA VU, I walked over the the Convenience Store to apply for the open position. The Manager had already gone home. I am invited to return after 9:00 am in the morning. Since last evening, two more positions have been added to the "Help Wanted" list at the store.

I was also hailed by a neighbor of DEJA VU. Maria, the owner of a nearby home asked if I would be interested to be the "caretaker" for her home for the next few months...we will talk about it in the morning.

Some things I have learned on my walk...One MUST get up off the couch; One MUST shake the bushes; One MUST be ready to exercise options as they appear.

Yes, I walk hard each day. Yes, I work long hours walking and preparing this blog. Yes, I am having a blast and would not miss this part of my life for the World.

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