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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today was one of those days I would rather skip...not that it was not a good day, because it has been an excellent day...but because saying "good bye" is not easy for me.

I was up early to catch Carson and Noah before they rushed off to school. Craig had a hot cup of coffee waiting as I came down stairs. A bit later, Karen prepared hot Oatmeal for me.

I have been treated like Royalty for the past five days.

At 10:00 am, Karen drove she and I East on US 64 to ROANOKE ISLAND, slowly driving through some her favorite villages. She then drove over another causeway to NAGS HEAD on the Outer Banks, she guided me around the JOCKEY'S RIDGE STATE PARK featuring impressive Sand Dunes which has been a favorite place for the boys to come and play for many years.

Power for JOCKY'S RIDGE STATE PARK is supplied by the above Wind Mill Generator.

I was really impressed by the extent and variety of the Sand Dunes...every bit as enticing as the Sand Dunes of the Oregon Coast.

Please click click to enlarge the above plaque.

A walkway leads from the Park Visitor Center into the center of the Park.

Karen then drove to another of her appointments as I continued to read "The Walk".

We then stopped to visit family friends and drove on to RODANTHE, where SPIA was waiting.

After a quick hug, Karen drove off into the sunset back to COLUMBIA, NORTH CAROLINA.

I have moved SPIA to the Summer Home of Bobbi and Brian Finigan, where SPIA now has AC electricity to keep her batteries brimming full.

During the next 2.5 months, I will do some chores around the Summer Homes of the Finigan's and DEJA VU. In between, I will walk the length and breadth of the OUTER BANKS and ROANOAK ISLAND.

About February 01, 2012, SPIA and I will continue our walk to complete our circumnavigation of the United States, returning to the PEACE ARCH at the Canada / USA Border Crossing.

I am already missing Karen and her family.

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