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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I did set out on this walk prepared for snow.  I did not anticipate the bitter wind chill encountered today in NEWPORT, Oregon.  It is now 1430 hours (2:30 pm).  Temperature has risen a bit, resulting in RAIN / SNOW mix...but certainly to get colder resulting in more snow to add to the 2 inches already eeceived.

 am very angry at the moment.   have concluded two hours of narrative for this update, only to have
GOOGLE delete all of it.  Will give it another go, which will result intwo postings of the same ID.

Oregon Pacific Coastline a bit North of DEPOT BAY.

...and again...this time looking North.


...from a delightful Christmas Store located in LINCOLN CITY, Oregon.

A few views of NEWPORT, Oregon...were I stayed last night, awakening to a Snow Blizzard with 45 knot winds and 26 degree F....add Wind Chill = estimated well below ZERO F.

* * * * * * * * * *

At this point, my initial narrative - deleted by GOOGLE - went into detail of my take on the current unseasonable "extent" of weather being experienced in this, the LOWER 48 States.  It has to do with losing the "lid" of ice lying over the Arctic Ocean, allowing the arctic surface air to receive effects of upwelling deep sea waters, changing the temperatures - and perhaps the consistency -...this change flowing unabated South across the flat "TUNDRA" of Canada and on across the equally flat Great Plains.  Add new effects of the JET STREAM, moving much deeper South toward the Equator, dragging the frigid arctic airs along with it.Then too, I discussed my observations as to the dirth of FRESH WATER on the surface and sub surface
from the Pacific Ocean all the way across the UNITED states to the Atlantic Ocean.

...and of my personal contact with farmers of TEXAS, whom I confronted while driving their new latest technological equipment across their vast dusty , waterless miles of tilled fields, deliberetly planting cotton seeds they know will not produce cotton in the arid fields.  As they drove near, I walked into the fields, hailed the farmers, asking WHY !!!

Their reply:  To recrive Government Subsidies, we MUST till the fields and plant the seeds...yes, aware there will be no crop.

I worried over this for several weeks until the dime fell; i.e., I formulated the rational reason our government gives tons of  $$ farm subsidies, knowinbg no crop will result.

Recalling 1020s and early 1930s, when farming families were forced from the land by the historic DUST BOWL, our Government subsidizes current farms in this lean / bad "INSURE" that farms remain MODERN, fields remain TILLED, and farmers remain in full operational control of their that:

...when rain returns, the farming industry together with it's infrastructure, is primed, in place, and producing crops with no hesitation.

My evaluations based entirely on that which I have seen...and previously reported in ths blog.

Yep, may be least I searched...I observed...I evaluated from a positive point of view.

Being retired, Homeless , and a bit nosy, sharing the findings with the world, is heck of a lot of fun...

Thank goodness we have our Fountain Of Youth...Our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM to allow such health and longevity to live so.

The best VALUE within our grasp...and it costs us not a single penny. FREE you say!!!...YEP: FREE...


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Ronalee said...

Bruce, if you need a place to stay you are welcome to spend a night or two at our cabin south of Waldport. There is a good wood stove and plenty of wood, good kitchen, comfortable beds. There is a lockbox to give access to the key. For more details, call us at 360-671-2612.

Kathryn S said...

Wow, How cool is that for complete strangers to offer you a place to stay? Amen to that! And Bless you, Ronalee for offering it to him! There are still good people left in this world! God Bless you Ronalee!

Kathryn S said...

Wow, How cool is that for complete strangers to offer you a place to stay for free while on your journey? What a wonderful blessing from Ronalee! God Bless You Ronalee!