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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


BBrrrrr....26 f. this morning, rising to 37 f.  In 2 days, moisture oves on shore = SNOW predicted for Saturday.  Hope to be South of NEWPORT, Oregon by then.

PIG n' PANCAKES...a place fo upscale dining on the OREGON COAT.

I stopped in to check it out; and...

Please say HELLO to MELISSA, who offered e a cuppa of coffee, which was, of course accepted.

Thank you, MELISSA...was much appreciated on this VERY cold windy day...would guess wind chill at about 20 f.

A North-bound biker...peddling against the cold wind up a steep hill...and I bet she camps out tonight which is expected to be much colder than last night....OH MY !!!

An 18-Wheeler:

Two wheels up front

Eight wheels on the back of the truck...

Eight more wheels on the back of the Trailer...

= 18 wheels.

Please say HELLO to import to LINCOLN, Oregon from - of all places - LUMMI ISLAND, Washington...the nearest of the 172 SAN JUAN ISLANDS at BELLINGHAM's front door; i.e., my previous neighbor.

Please say HELLO to DAN...a customer at ACE HARDWARE, where I stopped in to purchase a pair of THERMAL GLOVES.

LINCOLN CITY is in the throes of a price war...currently $39.00 / night.

D RIVER...advertised as the "SHORTEST RIVER IN THE WORLD" !

LINCOLN CITY is the name given to the grouping of six separate previous small towns:


Above image is the ocean beach they all share.

BUDDA;  In CHINA, I visited - and have photographs of this historic religious figure...carved from a single piece of the precious stone...JADE.

A Runner...on this bitter cold day...

Please say HELLO to 90 year old CHUCK...with whom I had the pleasure to visit at his upscalr mobile home park in the TAFT District of LINCOLN CITY.

Please say HELLO to RON and Kathie...RON of the Oregon Coast Community College...and Kathie, owner of CHOCOLATE AT THE BEACH...offering the highest of quality chocolates...many packaged in bags I introduced to the United States and Canada back in 1981...bags manufactured in LEON, of  my favorite cities.

Please say HELLO to KAREN, owner of a very up scale wine shop...about to move to new location to avoid US 101 highway construction.

KAREN ...  justly proud of the breath taking decor of the shop she is about to tear down...

. . . . .S I G H . . . . .



* * * * * * * * * *

Now 1614 hours (4:15 pm) and getting much colder outside..

One hour 'til dark, and I MUST be settled for the night before dark.  Planned to overnight in DEPOT BAY, some 15 miles distant.  Something tells me all is not well, so I must Get on my way from SAFEWAY, LINCOLN CITY, where I have spent two nights.



Ronalee said...

As you go past milepost 158, look to your left. Up a driveway next to a telephone pole with yellow paint on it there are some cabins. The one in the middle on the right of the driveway, the older one with cedar shakes and blue trim, is ours. I wish we were there to greet you.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to seeing your post online...however I must say it was my colleague Amber who offered the cup of joe. Great times though! Thanks for including me in your travels.

Kathryn S said...

Was happy to see that you took Ronalee's offer of staying at the cabin! What a blessing & money saver! God is great & Ronalee is awesome and very generous! God bless her!

Jeff Arellano said...

Hey! That's my Studebaker..just for clarification it's a 1947 body with a 1950 front end. Mild custom. 1950 is when the bullet came out, but it shared the same body styling as the previous year.

Thanks for enjoying the car!