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Thursday, February 27, 2014


A few days of once entertaining, educational, emotional, and vastly rewarding...

a good lesson in being ALWAYS on the positive...regardless of twists and turns leading in a direction difficult to comprehend.

I apparently engaged a repeat of the December 2013 Heart Failure that ended with two "Stents" being added by surgery to my Cardiologist sending me back out on the roads...with plenty of wise conditions, but clearly emphasizing the heart condition is quite serious and could put me down at any time...

...SO, I walked...two months ago, setting off on this my 6th expedition across /around  America.

But, another treasure slipped into my life; I was "issued" a new Primary Doctor, Dr. Shergill and her dedicated staff at the "Senior" section of St. Joseph's Hospital.  Dr. Shergill's staff has embarked on a "passive" performance audit of my walk...and have already been measurable value to further progress my current set back.

 the question of my DISCHARGE from Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital has been resolved by the Attending Physician Dr. Hurwitz and I reaching a mutually acceptable understanding of each other's needs.  The challenge filed with MEDICARE has been stopped...and I have accepted hospital discharge with my own accolades to the hospital and staff.  Administration gifted me a $$ stippend to help defray my out of pocket cost for gasoline consumed.  Thank you was used for the purpose intended within the first 15 minutes of leaving Santa Rosa.

I now sit iat a Computer Table in BURGER KING in the most beautiful, lively and prosperous ":bedroom" community of WALNUT CREEK, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA suburb about 60  miles from downtown SAN FRANCISCO.

WALNUT CREEK is the home of my friends, Drs. DICK and SHANNON - PHD, with whom I have been invited to use my old bedroom for the next week while I await the one week period Dr Hurwitz has requested pass before I proceed with my walk.  more tests will be conducted - together with one further physical exam.  If all is well, I plan to continue with my 2nd circumnavigation.

While enjoying Dick and Shannon, I plan to range here and there on the Bay' East Side - and perhaps a visit into San Francisco itself.   I have, after all, lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area four different times; which makes the City By The Bay one more place I call HOME.

I will, of course blog each day if possible.


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