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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Staying another night in ORICK, CALIFORNIA, enabled me toexpand on meting more people and more interesting things about the town.  Have been working on this two-day update for 5 hours...just the over 100 images to process.  Now lets talk akout that which we have learned.

Please say HELLO to PAUL BUNYAN and his Blue Ox, BABE, both of whom are enshrined in a grove of live Redwood Trees...which I visited since the 1950s.  Could not pass PAUL and BABE by without a stop to pay respects.


Indian Village of KLAMAH, where I stayed the two previous nights...really nice people !

Please say HELLO to BETTY, resident of ORICK, CALIFORNIA.  Betty and I decorated the local Food Market while we chatted over one hour upon my arrival.

MAIN street, ORICK

Please say HELLO to SONNY, owner of the SNACK SHACK...where anything may be ordered as long as NO SUBSTITUTIONS to the menu.   Enjoyed our discussions, SONNY.

ORICK School.

Look closely for the fisherman top center.

CHAIN SAW of many art pieces found in town shops.

Home of LES and NANCY, who called me in off the highway to share soup and sandwich in their home.

Please say HELLO to LES, who, together with NANCY loveingly work their three acres of ORGANIC crops, with three show horses, two young "watch" of whom carried on a real conversation with me - tonal inflections and all-, a flock of ducks with their own clear water pond, and a flock of "range" chickens who knowingly find their to overnight safety in their Hootch.

Please say HELLO to NANCY, who excused herself early from our lunch as sh needed to finish hoeing that row of strawberries...their best cash crop of many thousand berries.

Please say HELLO to "friends"  MICHAEL and TASHA, PALM CAFE employees who, for two days, put up me laboring over my blogs (this update now 5 hours)

Please say HELLO to TYRONE and KELLY, traveling fropm VANCOUVER< CANADA to SAN FRANCISCO...stopped for a late luch at PALM CAFE and got delayed chatting with me.

...and much to my regret and fury, my computer has swallowed my pic of JIM and ROBBIN of BROOKINGS, Oregon  I apologize for my carelessness.


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Looking at your post
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Hey how are u doing down there in Santa Rosa? I'm still praying for you...Peggy. from the peg house in leggett vs.