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Monday, February 3, 2014


Two days ago I stopped at a motel in PACIFIC CITY, looking for a place to park overnight...and reserve a room for Sunday (last night) night.  Met by a delightful young lady, RACHEL, she listened to my intro...then replied that she knew me...and just happened to have a room for both nights...provided I accepted both nights at no charge.  Flabbergasted, I protested - slightly - but when RACHEL gave a welcome hug, my defenses melted.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two gifted nights...and very much enjoyed the Super Bowl on the TV.

Please say HELLO to RACHEL.  How does one thank such a lady...a single mother to two young boys...and giving free rooms to one such as me? !

"Thank you" just does not seem appropriate.  My fantasy worked a bit overtime...a meaningful "goodby" hug was all I dared.

RACHEL'S Motel in PACIFIC CITY...please click the image for RACHEL'S phone number.

Yes, I need a haircut.  RACHEL is holding the camera...she is also a professional photographer.

Please say HELLO to RACHELLE MORRISON, Assistant Manager of the PACIFIC CITY Waterfront Restaurant where JOHN and I enjoyed dinner together Saturday evening. 

RACHELLE MORRISON is a professional photographer at BLUSH PHOTOGRAPHY, Cloverdale, Oregon

Received your message today (Monday)...keep in touch, please.

Many of the photographs following were taken Saturday, Sunday, and this morning in and on roadways into and out of PACIFIC CITY.

Roots of a rather large tree...undercut by the road builders...a good rain or mild earthquake could send this tree toppling into the roadway.

Please say HELLO to MICHAEL and his Wife, KIM.  Not only have they remodeled this over 100 year old business, but have upgraded the products to pleasure the taste of any client. 

NESKOWIN TRADING COMPANY...Market, Deli, and Wine Shop, Neskowin, Oregon


Also, a great for catching monster CHINOOK (King) Salmon

...and yummy Waffle Ice Cream Cones...

Please say HELLO to ALEX and DAN, who I have had the pleasure to meet some days ago and share their preparations to embark on a Nation-wide tour of America where they are interviewing Church officials ...with the objective of collecting responses about certain religious positions...which will be finalized in a published book.

A fine looking man with a distinguished looking beard...agreeable to share in our blog.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am fortunate to receive invitation from LINCOLN CITY "SAFEWAY" Supermarket to create today's blog in their Coffee Shop area...AND also park overnight.  Plan to remain two nights walking both North and South on US 101, before moving on further South.

p.s.:  It was SNOWING when I pulled into SAFEWAY this afternoon...NO, did not stick !

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Kathryn S said...

I think it was so sweet of Rachel of Rachel's Motel to give you 2 free nights stay in Pacific! Wow, how awesome was that? What a blessing!