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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yesterday I came face to face with a moment of many years ago...a moment in COOS BAY...a dreadful moment to do with my wife, Christiane, her battle with Cancer and the presence of IDA, Cri's Mom...who was Cri's real battle...

I am not yet ready to share this entire story.  Christiane is 13 years dead from the Cancer.  I must yet discover the outcome of her battle with Ida...Ida I loved as my own much so, I offered to become a Swiss citizen, change my name to Cri's Father's family name to allow Cri to continue her paternal family.

Cri's death ended the long history of the family DECKERT, as she was the last living member...Cri, totally in love with her cherished Father...but denied his presence until she became free...only to lose him to a heart attack on a vicious hairpin turn high in the Swiss Alps. 

It have stood on that spot of his unexpected death...and standing before his burial spot (ashes) even higher on the nearly vertical Alpine slope where he and Ida converted their 3-story Goat Barn into the most majestic Summer Home...the home Cri was being driven to to finally take her place beside her  parents...Cri was forced to spend some years in a girls "Finishing School" near GENEVA...followed by two years employment as an interior decorator in one of the worlds distinguished Department Stores in ZURICH, Switzerland's BAHNHOFFSTRASSE, a street Cri and I have often walked hand in hand "Window Licking"...and not far from where "our" home was located not far from the University of ZURICH.

...holding Cri's hand...Europe lying to the North...Italy lying to the South...his ashes lying under the entry stone...I cried.  Not for myself...I cried for Christiane,who, as it turned out, never again climbed to the top of her world.

It was in a Motel a block from where I spent last night curled up in the back of SPIA-2, that Ida's condemnation of her daughter's husband...ME, ended Cri's last clinging hope for solace with her Man.

Upon Ida's return to Switzerland, Cri, crying, after we too kept her alive for 5 years, asked me to leave this battle she wished to complete on her own.

I did as she wished, never speaking to her for the last five years of her lonely painful life

COOS BAY is a really wonderful town.  It is just that I lost something precious there back in 1995...L have not yet found closure.

The roadway South out of COOS BAY, Oregon.

A logging road I walked ... this is no longer for me just a walk...

...and close to arriving at the lovely town of BANDON, Oregon, I came upon this, an extensive farm of CRANBERRIES.  The Pipes leading into the building left center are for drawing water from a small lake...Cranberry Fields require a closely controlled level of water flooding each patch.

Please click click to enlarge this excellent graphic dissertation of earthquakes and their origin from the Pacific Ocean "Plate", located a short distance off shore...and that plate's "SUBDUCTION" (i.e., the Pacific Ocean Plate physically DIVES under the North American Plate.

When this happens, the Coast Mountains - which I have been walking -, and the Cascade Mountains...with their many active Volcanoes - ...and resulting EARTHQUAKES come alive.  History suggests that at least one such earthquake along the Straits of Juan d'Fuca was at 10 (or above) on the Richter Scale.

The Pacific Ocean meeting the River Coquille exiting from BANDON, Oregon.

Flowered Sand Dunes next to the BANDON River Jetty and Light House.

Look like HUCKLE BERRIES...not so...DO NOT EAT THESE guys.

Some images of BANDON, Oregon.

I have taken a Motel Room for tonight...$30.00 special price to cross country walkers.

Taken this opportunity to enjoy a hot water soaking bath...followed by hand washing my collection of dirty clothes.  In the morning, will stop at the Laundromat to dry my clean(er) but still very wet laundry.

Than, onward, Southerly.


Kathryn S said...

Just love all of your pictures and journal as you are going through parts of Oregon! So exciting makes me want to visit the area on the 101. Thanks & God Bless You! Enjoy your travels but also stay safe! CHEERS

Anonymous said...

I Dallas of wv also cousins IN coos bay but contact do not remery the martyrs names
was my mother sister kids