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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well, I certainly had an interesting early morning.  Skidded - on my tush - out of the back bedroom into the driver's seat...slipped on socks and shoes...and only then realized I was trapped INSIDE the car.

The back doors do not open from the inside.

Between the two front door windows I have been clamping opposite ends of a large bath towel into the door power window slots...effectively forming a "Privacy" curtain blocking out the windshield.

Problem was last night I failed to turn the ignition key, draining the car battery - even with ALL systems turned OFF -

Therefore, I could not lower the power windows...and the towel was tight between the windows jammed shut.  Slack towel afforded a full 4 inches for the door to open...and no, I would not cut the towel.

So, I telephoned AAA, who after one hour delay, arrived at FRED MEYER parking lot, applied jumper cables, started up SPIA's engine, allowing the power windows to operate releasing the towel...and started charging SPIA-2's battery.

SOLUTION:  Stop Walking...or, remove ignition keys in lieu of saying nite nite as the light is snapped off .

Yes, GRANMA, Oregon does have REDWOOD Trees.

Oregon also has PALM Trees.

Final Oregon River before crossing into CALIFORNIA.

Our first glimpse of CALIFORNIA...a wide expanse of flat pasture land bordering the Pacific Ocean.

...and our first California Redwood Tree .

The tree in the distance - on the right - is the same Redwood tree in the 2 X pic above.

A hollowed out remnant of a burned out Redwood Tree.

Walking back into Oregon to fetch the car - SPIA-2 -, one last look at the California seaside pasture land...which actually sports recently cultivated loamy soil about to burst forth with flowers...mostly Tulips.

* * * * * * * * * *

All told, walked 3 sets of 6 miles today, effectively bringing us to the rather large town of CRESCENT CITY, California.

My knee took a beating today.  Tomorrow may need a bit if TLC (Tender Loving Care) to get me through the day.  In a few miles, we arrive at the serious REDWOOD GROVES...miles upon miles of mountains covered with trees, some of which were around when the ROMAN LEGIONS governed the Holy Land.

Weather forecasters promise a few days of pleasant weather.

In a few LEGGETT, California, we leave US 101, switching to California Highway 1, which will take us all the way to Southern California.

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Fix the back door Dallas of wv
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One of five of my wife kids signed my house back to me 4 more to go