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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Interesting event in the evolution of CRESCENT CITY, CALIFORNIA when WALMART opened.  It is said the first weekeng parking lot was over half full of RV and trailers.  During the night, Campground owners organized a "attack"...pounding on RV / Trailer doors implying parking violations.  Apparently the farce worked as the entire County passed legislation prohibiting "overnight parking anywhere.  In any eveny, WALMART assured me that my car would be exempted...and I spent a tranquil quiet night at WALMART.

Building art in CRESCENT CITY...this of the City Lighthouses guiding marine traffic in and out of harbor.

Please say HELLO to Alan and Chris...two traveling companions hitch hiking across America with their dog, ROSE.  i gave all three a 20 mile ride to our evening destination, KLAMA, California...a pristine AMERICAN Indian village.

Actually, this blog update is created on February 21, 2014, as KLAMA did not have sufficient signal to complete the posting yesterday.

Will combine today and tomorrow blog update tomorrow.  Am in the town of ORICK, California this evening , February 21, and will stay here overnight, walk in the morning, blog in the afternoon...then perhaps stay a second night...some interesting folks are here, whom I have already met...some two years ago...nearly to the date, but 2 years later.

The CRESCENT of CRESCENT CITY Bay.  I walked to, over that very distant hill and return to CRESCENT CITY  MUST ADMIT I have been fighting a battle the past days.  Recalled yesterday WHY !  8 days ago, purchased 1/2 gallon fresh squeezed Orange Juice...took a couple drinks, and put the bottle behind the passenger seat...and promptly forgot about it...until finding and drinking from it again 3 days later...of course,, no refrigeration.  I have been sick and out of sorts through last night.  Was going to the Hospital, but there is none around here.  Feel a bit better today, so perhaps I will, after all,  survive this latest suicide attempt.

Came upon yet another herd of wild ELK.  They were not much concerned about me, so I ignored them, too.

This lady is known as a COW.

Rain caused damage to US 101.

Please say HELLO to BANDON and MARK...tourists from MINNESOTA seeking Redwood Trees.

Say HELLO to the wives of BANDON and MARK.

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