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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One week ago some food poisoning brought me some constenation.  Simultaneous, my Heart got a bit rambunctious, putting out with more Heart Failure, resulting in a drowning / coughing sequence which became somewhat severe three days ago.  My new Primary Doctor, Dr Shergill, ordered me to Emergency at the nearest hospital.  I have ended up in the CARDIAC section of the St Joseph Community Hospital in SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA.

Before that , I walked and drove to the town of LEGGETT, CALIFORNIA, inyending to take California Hwy 1 the rest of the way to SAN DIEGO. 

Following are images of that venture...

Lagoons along the Oregon Coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Being Sunday, not much going on in FORTUNA, CALIFORNIA...but Since I previously much enjoyed FORTUNA, took some time to walk around a bit.

FORTUNA heads a pristine agriculture valley leading into the AVENUE OF THE GIANTS...a touristy drive through dense groves of Redwood Trees.

Dairy Farm  cattle heas home for the evening milking.  This procession is nearly 1/2 mile long...slowly following the leader...head to tail...with each cow knowingly knowing her place.

At one time in recent years, the PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY of the town of SCOTIA, CALIFORNIA.  Today fewer than 100 employees remain in SCOTIA...with the town infrastructure still well and serving.


Entry to THE AVENUE OF THE GIANTS begins at this spot, some five miles from SCOTIA.


Campground where I stayed overnight...$33.00 for a camping space...with toilet, shower, and one of the most breath taking camp sites imaginable.


Redwood Trees tend to grow in groups of four to six trees.

The remains of River Bend Winery...located within the Redwood Groves along the AVENUE OF THE GIANTS.  Two years ago I purchased some fine wines at trhis winery...sad to see the loss of thie business.

...and that brings me to the village of LEGGETT, CALIFORNIA.

SUPPLEMENTAL to me lead-in comments, I have just been notified by the St. Joseph Hospital staff that determination of me heart condition is NOT serious and I have beeb discharged from the hospital...

That is not "TO BE" discharged...that is "ALREADY DISCHARGED" and no further activity regarding my heart will be fact what was sent to my bedside was a hospital worker handing me a list of places I "MIGHT" find shelter and a meal TONIGHT.

I would have anticipated some discourse with one or more of the Cardiac doctors  who have been working on my case from the moment I arrived.

The news was delivered by an "admin" type doctor whom I confided last evening that I had no "Spendable Income" to pay $$ beyond Medicare and Supplemental insurance.

It is quite clear to me that my discharge is because of limitation of my $$...NOT because of two or three "procedures" deemed a few hours to be necessary for the medical evaluation of my heart. 

I propose that I am being discharged too soon.

tomorrow is another day...we shall see.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, I hope you go see different medical professionals to get more info on your heart. Santa Rosa is a very cold town, emotionally. Maybe try San Francisco?

Anonymous said...


glad to see you are still active to keep walking, make sure you see other medical attn, and watch what you eat or drink... that scars me to know your not feeling well, please take care...
Bruneau,Id Robert

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well Dallas of wv

Robin Shelley said...

I logged on here to tell you how much Jim & I enjoyed meeting you in Orick the other day & was surprised to read you had been hospitalized! Furthermore, I am shocked to hear that Medicare & supplemental insurance isn't enough to get you the medical care you need. Shame on St. Joseph's! I hope you find more attention at a better facility down the road.
In the meantime, take good care & know your new & many "road friends" are holding you close in thought.
I hope we will cross paths again one day.
Wishing you the best,
Robin Shelley
Brookings, OR

Melissa said...

Hang in there Bruce, we are cheering you on from Bellingham!