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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The PINEAPPLE EXPRESS arrived with a vengence...stayed all night and is, as of 1400 hours (2:00 pm), still raging.  Weather forecast projects 5 more days of heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Dressed in "waterproof" bib overalls. "waterproof" Boots, "waterproof" jacket, and "non waterproof" glove inserts.

Within 10 minutes, my feet were soaked.  Within 30 minutes, my Warm up jacket (under my waterproof coat) was soaked through.  HOORRAY...Bib overalls worked !

Leaving REEDSPORT behind...taking the rain and wind along.   HOUSEBOATS on a small river.

Walked for 1.5 hours South on US 101...then returned to REEDSPORT...having completed only 12 or so miles of the 24 milrs to COOS BAY.  Actually enjoyed walking in the rain.  Wind was not so much fun.

Could not use the camera due to intensive rain...the above was a  construction zone hanging steel curtains over a cliff face where many rocks were falling onto the apparently loosened by the rain.

From REEDSPORT, drove all the way to COOS BAY, found SAFEWAY Supermarket and a FRED MEYER SUPERSTORE.  Purchased a pair of new WATERPROOF Boots $80.00...and may purchase a $20.00 WATERPROOF jacket...more of a WATERPROOF Windbreaker. 

See no purpose to walk in continuous rain unless I can stay dry.

LOGO entering towns of NORTH BEND / COOS BAY

...AND YET ANOTHER "donkey engine"...this one incorporating a "Windlass" to drag logs out of the forest during 1800s logging operations.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am not certain how walking will progress the next few days.  With the storm expected to rage on another week.  At least we do not have snow and bitter cold the rest of the nation is suffering.

I can be thankful for being the healthy sort.  Give all the credit to my LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, which has kept me free from colds, flues, or other ailments since 1991, when CRI and I first discovered the LYMPHATIC SYSTEMS and how to make it do it'sr job...specifically, to regulate the water within our bodies and to "purify" our bodies from Virus, Bacteria, Poisons, and yes, even CANCER...all without a single PILL...

M O V E... That is the secret of our LYMPHATIC and pleasurable...keeping our bodies free from ailments and adding productive years...years far beyond expectation.

...yes, FREE...cannot be is already yours - within each of us,,,the true FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH...NO LONGER lost...IS - and always been residing in each of doing it's job...and all  we have discovered it's secret...

M O V E ...

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