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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

POST 1366; JULY 02, 2014; AUBURN, NEW YORK

For two nights running, I have been attacked by mosquitoes leaving welts from top to bottom.  Yesterday I constructed bug screens for the roll-up windows.  Still, the critter found a way in.  It is so hot and humid, try to sleep sans covers, giving ample flesh for the little cannibals to gorge themselves.

Covering up results in my entire bed being soaked from sweat.

Spent $30.00 I don't have to redo the screens.  Cannot continue the way it has been.

Made three wonderfully long interesting walks.  Went crazy with photographs today, but could not choose to leave any from being shared.  Hope this approach is as pleasing to see as it has been for me to share. 

Village of SAVANNAH...

From here, back toward CLYDE...thence East and South toward the villages of PORT  BYRON and AUBURN, the following images found their way into my camera.

MURALS on a Brick Wall in SAVANNAH, New York.

Fishing Worms for sale at this home.  PRICE:  $1.50 a DOZEN.

This small stream was home to lots of CANADA GEESE and jumping fish.

Wild Flowers.  These Forget Me Nots are 1 inch diameter.


SOLAR PANELS on the Barn Roof.

Please say HELLO to 72 year old - tomorrow - RICHARD.  Stopped to compliment him on his well landscaped and tended property.  Richard was so intent on mowing that last bit of lawn before the approaching rains arrived, he had no time to chat...Pity, as I may never have the opportunity again.

It is the above machine we owe thanks for changing the face of rural America...from small patches of well tended lawns to miles upon miles of not only lawns, but uncounted fields.  Driving this machine must be a real blast.

Well tended garden patch, the likes of which I have not seen on this walk.

Approaching the mountains and the HUDSON RIVER, the land is becoming very hilly.

This MURAL is without question the finest piece of art-on-a-wall in all of America.

The Artist is:  DAW JORDAN

Approaching Storm Clouds gives the MURAL a breath taking backdrop. 

Special mention goes to MAGDY'S EAT and SWEETS building in PORT BYRON, New York

Main Street, Byron, New York

MURAL by DAW JORDAN deserves a final look see.

This art should be in the MUSEUM OF NATIONAL HISTORY (ART) in Washington, D.C.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rain...much more rain... is forecast on McDonald's TV News for AUBURN region.  Will POST today's creation; then, find WALMART to park for the night.

In the morning, plan to drive to Finger Lake OWASCO LAKE, a scant mile or two from where I sit in McDonald's, AUBURN, New York.

The map suggests some activity at OWASCO Finger LAKE.  Hopefully I can do some walking and photographing before returning to Route 31...or perhaps switch to Route 5...both of which lead to my interim destination. TROY, New York.

We Shall See.

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BR Schoenbein said...

The mural is absolutely amazing Bruce. Thanks for sharing that. Please know I'm also sharing your blog on my Facebook page. I'm hitting the road west on Monday. Today is day 65 of my trek across America. PS loved that garden too.