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Monday, July 28, 2014


Monday has arrived shrouded in thick Atlantic SEA FOG drizzle reminiscent of fogs rolling into JUAN de FUCA Islands in Bellingham's front yard.

Just as well, as SPIA has finally given up her quest to keep moving.  Yesterday, oil poured from her engine.  Not the repair to her Valve Cover.  This outpouring seems to come from her long time Rear Main Leak.  Cost to inspect her = $100.00.  Cost to repair her = $950.00...

neither of which is available.

Have sufficient $$ to keep moving by pouring oil into her engine, which should get us a few hundred miles.  Long range solution is, however, loss of SPIA unless I repair her.

Sure could use some of that $8,000.00 I blew trying to help P. Steve.

Comes at a time when Blog readership is at it's lowest ever.  Perhaps my efforts have served their purpose.  My $150.00 monthly VERIZON investment has been tons of pleasure, but perhaps it is time to back away from Google and Facebook.  I could continue my blog off line, making it available at some future date.  Were I a "Reader" instead of Creator, would fight like crazy to keep the blogs coming.

We Shall See.

Have often shared the truth of loneliness while walking endless miles.  Recent attention received has been such a pleasure...and a hidden burden.  Leaving - forever, those who make such a momentary impact - is a most difficult moment.  I pride myself in finding that thread of "positive" in all that comes my way.  This moment is no different.  If it were easy, perhaps more souls would drag their bodies out there.

Stomach cramps hit me yesterday.  TUMS have been a small help, but cramps are still with me.  First time I have experienced any such malady.   Have often attributed 50% recovery to mental superiority, so expect to be better with a solution to SPIA's burden.

Sitting in McDonald's, cold rain pounding down outside in company with booming thunder...a dozen or so folk communing... as has become ritual at every McD across America.  There is a story here.  Imagine collecting the essence of tens of thousands of utterances - mostly from retired folks looking to continue their part in society after occupations have been filed away under Reflection and Memory.

Rain has let up ... thunder has moved out of earshot.   A word here and there drifts over from the communing folks across the room.   Is it time for me to join them?

It is 12:00 noon.  Am hungry, but cautious of feeding a still roiling tummy.  Perhaps another TUMS.

Is it time to guide SPIA out of FALMOUTH - checking oil level as we go.

If the fog lifts, will catch a few images on my camera.

RATS;  my reading glasses fell off the table, breaking the lense frame.  Another $10.00 carelessly wasted.

...and so it goes.

Last three days has nurtured a strange growth on my forehead...from "nothing" to a good size lesion.  Trust it goes away as quickly.  My Mother developed such growths which proved Cancerous.

Not going there !

McD is now nearly full with Lunch time patrons.

Could park back at WALMART.  That would be defeatist.  Must post these thoughts and go see how much oil SPIA drinks.  Maybe ... just maybe, the leak will  dissipate.

Going to go see ! 

* * * * * * * * * *


Drove SPIA the 3 blocks to WALMART;  The entire distance is marked by huge OIL splotches from McD to WALMART.

There is NO possibility to drive SPIA ANY distance before FULL repair to the Rear Main Seal of SPIA's engine; i.e., $950.00 must magically appear to continue our ODYSSEY with SPIA.

Considering parking SPIA, busing back to BELLINGHAM, taking SAM out of storage; Busing back to MAINE; transfering "essentials" from SPIA to SAM; and, continuing our walk - just SAM and ME - to KEY WEST -  CHICAGO (De Kalb) -  VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA.

Distance to complete our trek is 2,000 miles to KEY WEST and 4,500 miles to BELLINGHAM = 6,500 miles.

Yes, I am up to it and WILL complete that which I have begun.

I do have 100% of supplies with me now on board SPIA...preplanned just for this event.  SAM and ME require far less $$ than does SPIA and ME.  The 7 months to me to PUSH SAM (her Solar Power Equipment has already been removed) back to our starting point will complete  MAY 2015..

I understand and accept that many will certainly consider me a bit touched...and you would be correct.  Remember, please, I AM an old man, and as such have a mission to complete.  I have not yet failed in any endeavor - severely challenged yes - but eventually succeeded.

...and yes, SAM and ME WILL blog all the way.

After that:  LISBON, PORTUGAL - BEIJING, CHINA awaits.

So, again, from abject defeat - with SPIA - comes our inevitable positive - with SAM...just the way programmed.

SAM and ME WILL save $1,000.00 for MY return to FALMOUTH, MAINE; fetch SPIA; repair her engine, so she lives to drive a couple hundred thousand miles more.

...and please recall that SAM and ME passed this way.

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