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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Much to MY surprise I learned that the State of MAINE has approximately 6,000 lakes.

Route 302 paralleling SEBAGO is a good reminder of the LIE (Long Island Expressway) - also known as the Long Island CRAWLWAY - crammed in both directions with solid traffic.

The Lake Region appears to be a most popular Vacation destination.

Once at the beach, the trip appears worth the wait.

Largest floral plant I recall seeing...located in the front yard of a RAYMOND, Maine business.

Large outboard motor mounted on a Pontoon Boat. 

My first view of Lake SEBAGO...a small Cove at the village of RAYMOND, harboring a commercial boat rental company and surrounded by private homes...their boats parked out front.

...have always appreciated a good "reflection" image.

...accompanied by supporting commercial services.

$70 for a hair cut and style.  TANYA must be good at her trade .

Sometimes virtually NO traffic.

Discovered the empty roadway is controlled by numerous traffic lights.

Lake waterway making it's way to the edge of US Route 302.

Seems I like to photograph floral opportunities.

Sandy Beach at a Public Boat Launch Ramp with extensive parking and grassy beachfront.

This Lady landed in the water not 10 feet from MY feet, strolled up to me, looked for a hand out.  I had nothing for her, so she walked directly to the two ladies in the folding chairs...they had nothing for her either.

The duck looked back at me.  I shrugged my shoulders.  She waddled back into the water and swam away.

The Boat Launch Ramp was busy with boats being launched and retrieved.

An Electric Trolling Motor, mounted on the FRONT of this fishing boat.  A automobile battery supplies electricity to this motor, used to control exact positioning for catching the BIG one.

The owner of this boat says he fishes for TROUT (a sport fish) and Land Locked SALMON...up to 10 pounds.

...and he is underway.  Each Fisherman is allowed two fishing poles at a time. another boat is launched.

Close look at the manner of attaching the boat to the boat trailer.

Water drain holes have been drilled in the tubular trailer frame.  Water flows INTO the tubes, adding weight to keep the trailer from floating away.  It is attached to the vehicle Trailer Hitch, but could float sideways if not for the weight of the added water.

Each day walking MAINE, have passed serious runners.  Today was no exception.

Boat Launch Ramp access from Route 302.

Image of MILFOIL plants nearly choking the waters of this small cove.

Of the 6,000 some lakes - not counting rivers or smaller ponds - MILFOIL is present in 26 major lakes of the State of MAINE.

A State Employee was at this launch ramp, visibly checking ALL items entering and coming out of Lake SEBAGO...this includes the trailers, vehicle wheels, fishing equipment, anchors, etc etc, including the boat and motor.

It is strictly ILLEGAL to transport MILFOIL.

Walking America, each State has laws against the transportation of this aggressive water plant, which crowds out ALL native plants, effectively killing the fish and chocking the waters.

Completing my early morning walk, moved SPIA about 15 miles to the delightful vacation lakeside village of NAPLES, Maine.

Following images are of NAPLES and LONG LAKE...

This village is of high quality, although quite small.  I would enjoy a few weeks vacation here.

Dinner Cruise Boat.

Jet Powered SEA-DOO boats for rent.

I watched - and photographed - three young ladies don life jackets, receive instructions, and set off - obviously for their first time - onto Long Lake.  Took them all of three or four minutes to be hydroplaning their Jet Skies out of sight.

...Echelon RIGHT, ready to attack...

Village of NAPLES Lake Sea Wall to Long Lake.

Seaplane and Dinner Cruise boats are also dockside awaiting rental customers.

Sailboats are also available for rent.

A Vendor advertising his waterfront business.


* * * * * * * * * *

No WIFI being available in NAPLES, drove the 8 miles to the village of BRIDGETON, where McDonald's has once again been there when I needed it.

Have no idea, however, where we will park tonight.


Rodney Hess said...

Yes, today was a fabulous day for boating. The kids and I rode bikes to a neighboring lake, so they could go swimming. That public lake access was absolutely packed, Everyone had to wait in line to get either into the lake, of out of the lake. Recently, the DNR painted a huge circle on the tar in front of the boat ramp, stating:# Clean In----Clean Out", meaning, clean all weeds and stuff off your boat, and drain all water out of your boat, even live wells, to prevent spreading of invasive species, Like Water Milfoil, to other lakes. Too many boaters do not care about others, so this is now required on all lakes in Minnesota, the land of nearly 14,000 lakes.

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