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Friday, July 18, 2014


Today is 4th day walking the State Of Maine. 

Using AAA (American Automobile Association) Maps, one would think they were of a foreign country.

All 4 days, including today, I have been hopelessly LOST.

Today a local Police Officer, working with my AAA Map could not tell me where I was.  He, in fact, confirmed the "COW PATH" approach to MAINE roadways, in that there is no conformity to a rational roadway layout...they do indeed follow old COW PATHS.  "We", says he, "call our roadway system The Paper Trail"...I lost the significance of that !

 In any event, walked 3.5 hours along Route 202 / Route 4.

Driving afterward, to locate a McDONALD's / WALMART. a local fellow pinpointed my location and directed us to our the town of NORTH WINDHAM.

McDonald's had NO electrical outlets.  Across Route 302, however were our old friends at PIZZA HUT, who were only too happy to accommodate us.  WALMART is across the highway, so looks as though we are covered for the night.

Another conundrum here in MAINE is specific location(s) of towns relative to one another.

Road Signs announce a town, only to discover the actual town to be miles away.  The solution is that "Towns" are not the normal definition of towns at all.  Towns are more correctly reminiscent of the European "City States", where a "TOWN" takes in a wide expanse of land...and then not at all symmetrical; but rather more like the irregular GERRYMANDER found so much in Colonial America.
In reality, it is my take that the Gerrymander approach is alive and well the attempt to claim "ownership" of land areas where live "constituents" most likely to vote in the favor of one position or another...just one more form of cheating.

GULF Gas Station allowing SPIA to park during the hours I was walking.

Thank You.

Route 202 / Route 4.

Another confusing consideration:  AAA map shows a road with a certain Route Number.  A short distance away, the same road is given one or more different Route Numbers.

Then,  some distance removed, the road is once again identified as one or more of the previous Route Numbers.  Furthermore, some rather major - important, at least - roads are not shown at all; i.e., the road, according to AAA map, simply does not exist.

Selected home images are to represent typical New England design.

A river dam currently producing electricity - going into the GRID ?? -.  Old red brick buildings sitting nearby look all the world like  they were - in another time - factories which received WATER POWER from the dam.

Questioning locals, have not found a single person with any idea of the history or purpose of the local infrastructure.   Somewhat frustrating.

Then too, like desirable beach front, the adjacent dam access / view points have become PRIVATE PROPERTY, precluding entry or viewing access.   Yes, frustrating.

Cannot get near the above dam spillways or raceways...POSTED PRIVATE PROPERTY !

A nice WALKING / BICYCLE TRAIL...leaving the rails in place, giving a further historical look at the way it was.

Have not seen this approach ever before.

Another FIRST.

Don't cut the tree down to allow overhead wires to pass safely by.  The "Center Cut" is a nice "GREEN" option.

First of AUTUMN COLOR.  You saw it here first.

Please say HELLO to ORIANA, who stopped to chat with me on her way to SUMMER SCHOOL.

ORIANA - a chance meeting on Route 202, that lonely country MAINE roadway.

ORIANA...named after ORION, the Constellation...a truly lovely intelligent young lady preparing herself to enter the field of PSYCHIATRIC BODY Investigator; i.e., Where in our body do psychiatric activities originate and dwell.   I Think that is how Oriana explained it.  In any event, look forward to keeping in touch.

If the above road sign is confusing, welcome to the club.  A few hundred feet away is the Welcome to WINDAM sign.  Sister towns founded one year apart in 1736 (GORHAM) and 1737 (WINDHAM)

Sidewalk Sale of high quality Antiques.

Now, how did this pic get there ?

* * * * * * * * * *

Looks rather interesting in this location.  May walk out of here for a couple days.

We shall see.

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