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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean.  We found our way to BAILEYS ISLAND, a narrow strip of land reaching many miles into the Atlantic Ocean below the city of BRUNSWICK, Maine.

This is LOBSTER Land. 

LOBSTERMAN Statue kneeling on the rocky cliff at LANDS END. the seaward tip of land about 30 miles East of PORTLAND, Maine.

Purchased a book of highly detailed Maps of Maine... and I still got lost twice this morning.  Roads of Maine are something else.

HARPSWELL SOUND, separating the finger islands of ORRS Island and HARPSWELL Island.

BAILEY Island "Cribstone" Bridge connecting ORRS and BAILEY Islands.

Bridge over tidal waters flowing through the lattice stonework supporting a roadway since 1928.

End of Route 24 on Bailey Island.


From a distance, a rather large mansion isolated on off-shore JAQISH Island, as seen from The LOBSTERMAN Statue.

Three children playing on the beach side rocks.

Having driven the 10 or so miles to the town of FREEPORT, Maine.  The entire town-center is a collection of famous Outlet Companies.   Sidewalks were crowded with tourists and shoppers skimpy dressed for a warm but misty overcast Summer day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am fighting a sorely upset tummy.  Purchased salted Spanish Peanuts.  Walking ORRS Island this morning, ate a few handfulls.  One hour later, severe stomach cramps hit.

Am at McD for the blog update.  WALMART is directly across the roadway ...US ROUTE 1..., about 5 miles from the city of PORTLAND and one mile directly below the city of FALMOUTH, Maine.

Will overnight here.

In the morning, will walk over to parallel Route 9, beyond PORTLAND, following the Atlantic Ocean towards the city of DOVER, New Hampshire.

Could do without the tummy cramps !

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