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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Have remained in North WINDHAM today, walking on Route 115 toward the village of GRAY for 3 hours; a bit later, walked US Route 302 toward SEBAGO LAKE, the nearest of a large number of lakes, rivers and ponds of MAINE.

Looking at the map, one might confuse MAINE and her profusion of lakes for that famous State of 10,000 Lakes.

US Route 302.

A look into the woods of MAINE.  The forest floor is a carpet deep in Pine Tree Needles.

Bikers loaded for a serious trip.

Please say HELLO to VALERIE, owner of MAINE FLAG and BANNER.  Tried to convince Valerie to mend the zipper of my safety vest.  Sorry, no sewing machine and no, does not do hand mending.

Valerie and I did, however have an enlightened conversation.

Pontoon Yacht.  Very popular boats on the shallow inshore waters of New England.

Abandoned homestead...

House Cellar Doorway with the outer door removed.

Tomorrow, will walk Lake SABEGO on US 302.
US Route 302 as it leads into the Lake SABEGO Region

Stopped in for a cup of Fish Chowder.


* * * * * * * * * *

Walked twice today on two different roads ... one radiating North ... the other West out of North WINDHSAM.

Tomorrow, will move into the Lake Region to find that which is a-waiting us.

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