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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Woke this morning at 3:30 am and could not get back to sleep.  Finally rolled out of bed at 5:15, dressed, ate a bowl of Raisin Bran with Yogurt and began walking East on Route 5 toward the village of ST. JOHNSVILLE, New York. 

Returned to LITTLE FALLS, fetched SPIA, driving to ST. JOHNSVILLE.  Walked the village one end to the other, including a side trip South to find the local ERIE CANAL Lock.  No Luck .

Walked some more toward the city of PALATINE BRIDGE.  Went back for SPIA, drove to PALATINE BRIDGE, where I tore out my mosquito nets and re installed them the way I mentally figured out when I could not sleep this morning.  Have a Top Notch Screen system now installed.  \

I am, however, very tired.  Am also gaining weight...from drinking too much sugared Tea and Juices while doing my blog update.  Must switch to WATER .

We are on the fringe of the MOHAWK RIVER VALLEY....route of the ERIE CANAL.

Topography along the MOHAWK RIVER VALLEY is solid rock.  I AM TOLD THAT THE ERIE CANAL  was hand dug through this with hand tools, specifically with PICK AXE, SHOVEL, and WOODEN WHEELBARROW.

Water seeps from the rock cliff.

MOHAWK RIVER flows in the second valley.

The ERIE CANAL can be seen through the scrub.

Lock No. 17 at LITTLE FALLS.

Two Freight Trains passed directly beneath my feet.

Looking carefully one can see a Marina full of Yachts.

Marina entrance is to the left past the Light House.

Please say HELLO to BEAR and his friend,

Fire Station.

This Forget Me Not is the size od a normal Thumb Nail.

* * * * * * * * * *

Will over night in PALATINE BRIDGE.

MUST get some rest tonight.

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