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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, feelings of already missing these unique and embracing hills are tugging at my heart strings.  Having not been here before, am beginning to consider walking deeper into the State of Maine, possibly to wait for the leaves to begin their color change, which happens about September 15.  Should I decide to do that, it would also benefit the Winter walk.

Heading South now will just move us into being too early to head North for the walk back to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Next week, will meet once again with VICKI in DOVER, New Hampshire.  After that, may swing back into the interior and North East of Maine for a month or so.

Having no "Staff" to help make these evaluations and decisions puts an additional burden on me.

Click to Enlarge.   LISBON may be found on this map...a bit left of and above center.

This map covers the Atlantic Coastline South West to PORTLAND, ME.

This map covers the Atlantic Ocean to the South West from PORTLAND, ME. toward New Hampshire.

Intend to stay close to the Ocean as we make our way past PORTLAND to the city of DOVER, New Hampshire, arriving Thursday or Friday next week.

Route 196 which I walked from LEWISTON to LISBON, Maine, this morning.

This new 22 foot Welded Aluminum Pontoon Boat boasts a 110 HP HONDA Outboard, Full Canopy Top.  Including the heavy duty tandem axle trailer, full price is $39,000.00...seemingly a very fair price.  The Marina has recently sold and delivered two such craft; have four more en-route from the factory, two of which are also already sold.

Please say HELLO to PEGGY and BILL, employees of FRAN's Restaurant, where I enjoyed a bowl of Hot Oat Meal Cereal (Mush).  Later, BILL gifted me a bottle of ice cold water...handing me the change to a five dollar bill.

Thank you, you two...your gift is much appreciated.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am the guest of the well known Chain of DUNKIN DONUTS, to create today's update.

Must find a place for SPIA and ME to settle down for the night.

Tomorrow, we should wade in the cold salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the city of BATH, MAINE.

POST SCRIPT:   Informed that WALMART is only 15 minute drive from LISBON FALLS ... in the city of BRUNSWICK, MAINE.  Will drive there yet this afternoon  ... and walk BACK on Route 196 in the morning.

BRUNSWICK is adjacent to the BATH, Maine waterfront.

This blog will therefore be mainly dedicated to the Atlantic coastline for the next week, at least .

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