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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Wind in the MOHAWK Valley comes right before the Rain.  SPIA got a nice jostling around for ten minutes last night, followed by torrential downpour.  Not a drop got inside SPIA, meaning my window screen installation is a success.

Route 5 parallels the ERIE CANAL on the North side.  The town of PALATINE BRIDGE rests on the South side of the ERIE CANAL.  I-90 parallels the ERIE CANAL on the South side of the Canal.

From our North Side Over Night Parking spot, headed out of town with SPIA without venturing into PALATINE BRIDGE.  Parked a mile or so East on Route 5, from where I walked 3 hours toward the city of AMSTERDAM.

Obtained a goodly number of images, many of which are offered below...

Click image to enlarge.

Route 5, looking East.

Fireman's Training Site.  Structures are set ablaze, allowing the Firemen and their equipment to practice various ways to put out fires.

Home of two German Shepherds ...a warning to passersby.

MOHAWK River Valley is not very big, but is lush.

This Valley has been settled by Europeans since mid 1700, leaving structures nearing 300 years old.

Some structures already being reclaimed by Mother Nature.  The suspended vines are crossing Route 5 Power Lines stretched overhead.

Appears to have served as a Church...perhaps 200 years ago.

Rather NEW construction, defeated by use of ...

ASBESTOS...the death knell of mid 1900 construction across America.

Log Cabin with a view and apparently rich river valley soil.

A Bridge to NOWHERE.  I-90 lies near the far end of the bridge.  On this end, I found no roadway leading to the bridge.

YOSTS...a village not rated even a "Whistle Stop".

Pre Dating the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, FONDA remains in the center of conflict. 

This little fellow seems to be guarding the South end of the town of FONDA.

ROUTE 5 South of Downtown Business District...all of 6 city blocks long...and the center of controversy.

Please  say HELLO to RORY, a 58 year old life long Resident of FONDA.

Rory explained that among other Governmental incursions into his home town, the 6-block long downtown Business District was invaded by thousands of 18 wheelers, spewing noise, exhaust, and grid lock, destroying 300 years of tranquility and comfortable living in his fabled historic town.

The Reason:  WALMART built a massive DISTRIBUTION CENTER within a stone throw - on the wrong side of town - routing endless stream of elephant size "trunk to tail" TRUCKS. smack dab through the center of town. Options did - and do - exist, says RORY, but little villages such as FONDA rarely get to choose.

Please say HELLO to Deputy Sheriff LIGGETT.

As I often do, took a moment to introduce SAM and ME to Deputy LIGGETT, explaining my mission and thanking him for his efforts to help keep me safe as I pass through his County.

FONDA, a town in transition.

FONDA residents get to enjoy PEKING (BEIJING) cuisine.

Standing at a single intersection the following images were taken within a 2-minute period as 18 wheelers dominated Main Street ( Route 5 ).

1 block from Main Street lies a wide commercial street paralleling of the discarded options.

It snows in MOHAWK Country.

When the trucks came to FONDA, the main line railroad blocked one of three downtown crossings.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have no axe to grind...simply sharing that which I find.

It is 30 miles to the Hudson River and the end of our trip along the ERIE CANAL.  I could have done a better job.  Going it alone, am a bit limited as to knowledge to select better routes, or to search out the most historic or interesting options along the ERIE CANAL.

The same can be said for all parts of America.  I pass "this way" once.  Please forgive my discretion in failing to find the best to share as I pass.

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