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Friday, July 4, 2014

POST 1368; JULY 04, 2014; CICERO, NEW YORK

As predicted, it rained in BALDWINVILLE last evening; also predicted, there was no parking in the town of BALDWINVILLE.

Drove just out of town to the village of LYSANDER, where the Ice Cream Store allowed SPIA to park
over night.

Did three walks this morning, ending in the town of CICERO, where we found both McDonald's and WALMART., so we shall spend the night in CICERO.

Tomorrow we should reach the shores of ONEIDA LAKE.

SENECA RIVER, which has been incorporated as part of the ERIE CANAL..  Walked a mile or so on the Riverside TRAIL, before returning to Route 31.


ROUTE 31.  Being New York, Route 31 has considerable traffic.  Drivers, however are behaving themselves by being very considerate to walkers.


The ERIE CANAL TRAIL extends onto Route 31.   Walked only a short distance on it, but expect it continues to intercept the Canal again.

CIGARVILLE...a two block long village sitting atop Route 31.  I ventured into the walk-thru MUSEUM, which was well done...and immediately attacked by a horde of mosquitoes.


Newly constructed LOG CABIN.

Detail of log-corner joinery.

Better image lighting !

Manure Spreader...when  was a youngster, we still used this piece of equipment. 

HORSE Manure was often used.  I found Horse Manure to be not satisfactory because plant (WEED) seeds do not properly digest in horses, resulting in the EATEN WEED SEEDS receiving a further lease on life.

COW Manure was also popular, but tended to be lumpy, leiving clumps of manure which tended to burn the crops.

Chicken or Turkey Manure was my favorite.  It tended to be dusty when spread about; wearing a breathing filter (MASK) was a good idea.

Never claimed to be much of an expert on anything...but spreading the Manure came closer than many endeavors.

Hand Made Water Tank transported on a Wagon Carriage (Similar to a PRAIRIE SCOONER)

Had never seen such a piece of equipment...very impressive !

A "Failed" business in the village of CIGARVILLE, New York.  Building is FOR SALE.


Someone takes considerable PRIDE living in what old timers might call A ONE HORSE TOWN.

Not to be derogatory...CIGARVILLE is making many efforts to stand up proud and is living a POSITIVE existence for all to see .

One house - once a proud home ?!! - definitively on it's last legs.

* * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday evening I closed up my window screens and "Bombed" inside the entire car with mosquito Spray.  Even so, one of those blood thirsty critters survived - or sneaked in when I opened the door some 4 hours later.  GOT HIM on his second attack on my arm.  Still, have lost considerable sleep the last few nights fighting them off. 

Will POST today's creation, hoping it tickles someone's fancy, and begin listening to my pillows early.

A note about our Blog:  Some Blogs are more interesting, informative, or picturesque than others.
All, are the result of that which is out there to be discovered.  My walk has long ago ceased to be just a walk.  These days, I walk with an eye to discover...and dedicate a good many hours each day to present my discoveries in a pleasing manner.

Every home cannot be The White House...but every house is somone's HOME.  

I shall try to remember that; and, present all homes in a positive manner.

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