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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Since driving out of PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, events have been a bit mish mash.

Returned to Route 101, slowly looking for a reason and place to park and start walking.  Before realizing the passing miles, missed the radical roadway change of direction, missing the turn.

Oh, what the heck, will go on a bit further, thought I, but still, nothing of interest.

So, I backtracked to the Route 101 Junction, ending up on I-93 into MANCHESTER.

Pulled into a Gas Station, where I was directed off the highway onto a country road, being assured a WALMART was a few miles down that road.

Found it...far out by itself in no-man's land.

Pulled in; was instructed where to park, and NO...there is no McDonald's anywhere near here, I was told.

SUBWAY agreed to provide an electrical outlet, assuring me that no one could get a good signal out here.

Set up the computer anyway...and presto, 4 bar signal.  Spent the next 3 hours preparing my photographs for presentation and uploaded at least 30 images.  The computer then did a hiccup.

All my image work went POOF, and was gone.

Starting again, I reduced the number of images for uploading, resulting in a barely OK selection.

At that moment, SUBWAY employees, who had changed staff, informed me they needed my electrical oulet. 

Studied the incomplete blog update, deciding I could use the internal battery to write a few - far too few - words.  That done, I POSTED to GOOGLE and linked to FACEBOOK.  All worked as hoped.

This morning, checked the status of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.  Was estatic to receive VICKY's comment...more comments today just may lead the two of us to a quiet secluded dinner spot, as VICKY accepted my Rain Check offer.

We shall see.

This morning, I set out from WALMART, following instructions of WALMART employees to reach the Lamprey River.  Two days ago, RAVEN's Mother told me about her "man", fishing in the waters behind the Dam, witnessed a school of over 30 EEl's, all with multiple sets of teeth catch fish, ruining his own effort to do so.

Decided I would spend today walking the Lamprey River which flows parallel to Route 107, somewhat on my intended route to the city of ROCHESTER.

Following the initial instructions, I got hopelessly lost.  Trying to follow the AAA Map was also impossible.  I spent ALL MORNING receiving guidance after guidance from locals...not a one of whom was aware of the Lamprey River or the roadways to get there.

Finally came upon a Auto Repair Dealer who confided that CANADIANS are constantly "Lost"
 in this area.  He explained that the country roads around this region follow 200 to 300 year old COW PATHS, roaming without apparent cause or names often changed from one road section to the next...roads turning back on themselves - some at reverse corners of 170 degrees...with road signs: "NO TURNING TRUCKS" kidding, a car could not make such turns...a bicycle, maybe.

I never found Lamprey River.  In disgust, I took the FREEWAY into ROCHESTER...drove the city just to get the feel of this city, keeping an eye out for McDonald's and WALMART...all the while wondering if another message might be waiting about yesterday's lunch.  Of THAT, I was NOT disappointed.

Found McD where this update is about complete...and WALMART is walking distance ..."down thata way"...she said, pointing East.

Waiting with anticipation the evolution of events leading to lunch, I my yet visit my Lamprey Eels.

Tomorrow Is Another Day...Gone With The Wind

We shall see

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