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Saturday, July 5, 2014

POST 1369; JULY 05, 2014; ONEIDA, NEW YORK

Two milestones were reached today.

1.  Route 31 ended, being replaced by Route 5.  Route 5 will take us to the city of TROY on the Hudson River and end the ERIE CANAL phase.

2.  We have left ONEIDA LAKE behind...having not seen the lake waters.  Lake ONEIDA was not visible from Route great part from the density of private properties blocking the public views.

Our one walk today began and finished at the town of BRIDGEPORT, New York.

ONEIDA LAKE views being unavailable, remaining vistas are repeats of farm across a good part of AMERICA.

SPIA parked at the local VFW...Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Route 31.

VINTAGE FORD Station Wagon with wood panels.

This region has considerable swampy areas.

This field is of "Water Grass" ; swamp waters filling the shallow basin.

Route 31...a well built and maintained roadway.

Homes; some with BARNS  along Route 31.

A 1800s Hay Rake.  The tines (rake portion) are missing, but the remaining vehicle looks to be in good condition.

Weeping Willow photographed from inside the hanging branches, looking out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Upon reaching the HUDSON RIVER, will assume Route 7 as our major routing through the mountains of VERMONT.   ROUTE 9 will take us to CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE.

For the moment, PORTLAND, MAINE will be our primary route to the ATLANTIC OCEAN.

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